THE 300

THE 300

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Fail

The sixties saw the rise of the first entirely spoiled brat generation. This was the richest, most educated generation in history. Their intellect led them to acts of rebellion, using the war in Vietnam as an excuse, however it was rebellion for the sake of rebellion. How many of the yuppies were sons and daughters of CEO's, of Hollywood stars. They were the sons and daughters of privilege, of unlimited potential. But they were also the sons and daughters raised in spiritually dead homes, of homes devoted to unrestrained materialism. So they rebelled and sought easy mysticism in drugs and eastern religions.

Thinking the deadness of their lives was the result of being raised in a capitalistic system, they embraced Marxist doctrines, they idolized leftist professors and writers. Obama lived his college life at the tail end of that generation, fully indoctrinated in all that is wrong with America, thinking that a new system would set things right.

These are the people that proclaim they are the smartest people that have ever lived. What was the noxious saying during the Obama campaign? “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” What a retch inducing stench of self-infatuation. How hopelessly lost in an unrequited self-love, the generation that has made everything about THEM! From Woodstock to Vietnam, to the war in Iraq. Everything is about them, they have no awareness of the oppression and suffering that rules the world. If American troops fight for the freedom of others, even people that are our enemies because of their beliefs or culture, these paragons of narcissism make it about them, they do not want a war (that they are not even fighting)that may free others.

But until Obama we have been protected from this infantile generation, they took over academia and the media and they kept making inroads in controlling the government, but in some way they were the anti-culture, they were the protesters. And protesters are effective when they have something to protest against. But now they are the establishment, they own it, they are the ones in control. And what is happening? They are finding out, and all of America is finding out, that petulant protests against an established order is much like little kids criticizing mom's cooking, however they still eat the meals and never learn to cook themselves.

We are all finding out in the black-light dayglo colors of Obama's constant criticizing of America, that America has been the oasis of reason in a crazy world. We watch insane dictators spew their craziness at the U.N. And Obama talks like a Miss America candidate, or a teenage Valley Girl mall rat wishing for more butterflies, unicorns and rainbows. We have on display, in a way never enacted on this earth, where God has allowed someone to be in power for just a little while, that proclaim they have a system, a vision for a just world, that only took God the torture death (real damn torture) of his only son, and the careful direction of history for thousands of years.

The end result has been America, and if God could live with the imperfections, for the sake of not destroying the free will of his creatures, then who are these insane children to pretend they can give us a system overnight that exceeds all human expectations. This is the reason that this grand experiment in hope and change will be considered one of the all time historic failures of human governance. We should be thanking God that He has setup a system where the damage will be limited, cannot go beyond certain boundaries, but it will hurt enough, like a spanking on the butt of a spoiled rotten little brat to get the message across once and for all. What is that message? That God is the father of us all, he is the author of human history, that God creates nations and He has a purpose that is beyond the phony Utopian drama-queen dreams of spoiled children.

Human nature requires the careful direction and patience of God, even if it takes centuries, lest He destroy something in us of free choice. We cannot mature spiritually under a tyrant, people do not become spiritual beings under the whip of government, or in the velvet prison of a welfare state. Spiritual growth comes about by the challenges and demands God puts upon us as moral beings. But the Obama's of the world seek to usurp the purpose of God. It is why we are seeing these instances of worship to Obama coming out of our schools. Human beings will go find a human god, when they reject the invisible God of spirit.

It is how Obama could say the following at the U.N. Last week. "I am well aware of the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world," He added that those expectations were "rooted in hope—the hope that real change is possible, and the hope that America will be a leader in bringing about such change."

What a fatuous ass! As if America is all lame and hopeless and has been befuddled until the ONE arrived. This sort of thinking can only come from a man that is utterly ignorant of history, of God's purpose in history, of how nearly impossible and of the degree of sacrifice and human suffering that has gone on before for thousands of years before there could even be an America. What an arrogant fool to ignore that this nation saved the world from Nazi's, from the compete takeover by Communism and has led the way in science, innovation, and the highest standard of living for the most people in human history.

Something Obama seeks to tear down in a few years in order to build what he thinks is a better system, a better world. Hey, check out how hard all this was to accomplish even by God himself focusing His presence and involvement and careful direction through all human history. When seen in that light the arrogance of these people is breathtaking, is incredible in their lack of understanding of human nature, and in their ignorance of the actual destiny and history of nations.

No wonder Obama could sit in a church and nod his agreement while a racist ignorant fool damned America. Only men that do not know God could blithely damn what God himself worked for six thousand years of human history to produce.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cain, The First Progressive

To understand the present chasm between the political Left and Right we need to see where this division first occurred and then we can look to see the conclusion of this most primal of all the divisions of man. Cain was the first murderer in human history, killing his brother out of hatred and jealousy because Abel had a relationship with God that Cain did not, although it is intimated in the scriptures that such a relationship was also available to Cain. Something was amiss, something off in Cain from the start. The Bible notes that Abel was a shepherd, while Cain was a farmer. After Cain kills his brother he is confronted by God and put out from any possible relationship with God. Cain then goes out and becomes the first builder of cities.

Archaeologists and historians agree that agriculture enabled humanity to become efficient in food production and enabled man to gather into cities where he soon learned to divide labor into specialties. So the foundations were laid for human governance, for concentration of wealth into the hands of the few, and for the building of empires. The long and sordid history of the human race began with the murderous rage of Cain against his brother for a relationship to the Divine that Cain could not access because of his arrogance and independence. Even the selection of their life work foretold something, in that tending sheep is a solitary endeavor, it is not something that is the basis of building cities, nor empires. It is a job of looking out for the weak, it is positioning yourself to have a relationship with those that need your help, need your protection and guidance.

Whereas Cain selected something that required no input, or giving from himself, it was just planting seeds and letting nature take its course, however God had cursed the ground because of Adam's original sin, and Cain selected a career that put him in direct contact with the ground that had been cursed. Abel selected a career that was at least once removed from the curse upon the ground.

Seven generations from Cain a descendant of Cain named Lamech boasted about killing a young man for wounding him, Bible scholars speculate that he had killed his own son for trying to stop him from abusing one of his wives (the mother of that particular son). Now murder had reached the place of fathers killing their sons, something like what we have now where older men start the wars in which young men fight and die. Lamech's three sons are noted as the founders of industry and technology, arts and music, and control of nature (animals), the division of labor is intensifying, the control of man by man is being perfected.

Human history goes for thousands of years with empires reigning for centuries to be replaced by new empires, but nothing really changes, men are oppressed under system after system, the only bright spot in human history was the ancient nation of Israel, with just and humane laws, originally ruled by prophetic men, but Israel also goes the way of empires when the people actually ask the great prophet and seer Samuel to create a government just like the nations around them, they asked for a human king. Samuel was grieved and so was God, but God gave the Israelis what they asked for, even warning them that a king would end up being an oppression, no matter, they still asked for a king. Israel lasted for several hundred years, but its end was sealed on the day they asked to be just like the nations around them.

We do not see such light in the governance of man until the founding of America. Yet even in our founding the seeds of later division are sown between those of the Jeffersonian view of a popular democracy and the Madisonian view of a representative democracy. America evolves to the present system, where you have about half of the population that echoes the cry of the Israelis of old, “give us a king just like the other nations.” Indeed we now have a President that seems to beg the world to view America as “just another nation.”

And the world is eager to adopt such a view, for there is something upsetting about a nation that has excelled in all endeavors, has exceeded in works and deeds above all other nations, a nation that has protected the weak, has driven technology and invention, medicine and science. A nation that when it wills, can go to the moon, or break an empire. A nation where all the peoples of the earth long to come here, no matter how much the intellectuals rave against the sins of America, the people instinctively know, America was first and foremost designed as the land of Abel, but now we face our darkest hour as the sons of Cain seek to murder a nation that is a covenant nation, a nation so decidedly founded by God, intellectuals spend their lives trying to disprove what is obvious by the words of our founders, some still inscribed in our monuments, even if our universities do not teach what our founders actually thought and said, of the overwhelming influence of Christian ideals and thoughts in our founding.

It is the impulse of the spiritual descendants of Cain to hate anyone with a relationship with God, never seeking one for themselves, they must murder those that do. Witness the rabid hatred toward Sarah Palin, all this hatred comes from the Left, never honest, they cannot admit the cause of that hatred, pretending it is her lack of sophistication, her presumption to a place of governance, does she not know that governance is only done correctly when it comes from the sons of Cain? How dare she presume, and they instinctively sense she has a connection to God, so they hate her all the more, just as Cain hated his brother, and instead of seeking out God himself, the easy path is to rid yourself of someone that does seek God, so you can build your empires of oppression, unopposed.

No longer having a conscious, you must kill one that accuses you day and night in your brother or sister. Go on to build the beast of government and worship that construct of human mind and hand, receive in your own spirit the mark of that beast. (It is illuminating that the mark of the beast is given on the forehead or the hand...again showing us it is a construct of man). Do you think it will be visible? Do you think it will be a computer chip? No, you will never see a physical mark, but that mark is real and can be seen by God and his angels, they are marking men even now, all those that worship the beast of government shall receive that mark. All through the 20th century God allowed pied pipers to lead masses of humanity to worship the beast, all to their destruction, think of Russia, Germany, China, with their giant posters of Stalin, Hitler, Mao. All pied pipers gathering millions to be marked, it all ends with their destruction. Now America has been given its own pied piper, millions, with their eyes glazed over with false hope are marching right over the cliff, yet I think better things for America, there is still a large segment that sees, and another segment that seems to be waking up.

For we were created in the image of God and we were never made to be subjected to other men, to empires, to sterility of thought and life. Each man was to be a creator, each man was to find God for himself, each of us was to find a career, a way of life that does not build empire, or concentrate wealth and power into the hands of the few. We were made to create relationships, to care for the earth and its animals, to care for each other. Instead we have put away our power to create for the miserable substitute of security, of rote living, of working for a boss, your mind deadened, your life given to make money to survive, instead of creating, instead of trusting God to lead us through the great adventure of life, we subject ourselves to the smallest of worlds, the smallest of endeavors.

Eventually we die, but why would we live longer? When we have given ourselves as food for the beast, we sell our spirits for the miserable crumbs the beast lets fall from the table. Certainly God was true when he said “the day you eat of this fruit you shall die.” First the spirit in Adam and Eve died, the glory of light around them that was their clothes collapsed and they knew they were naked. O their bodies survived for some time afterward, but the main essence the part in communion with God, that died, and so our spirits die when we accept the fruit offered by the beast (serpent). Yet how much more will our spirits come alive when we turn from the beast and cease this mindless worship of government of man, and turn again to the only one who deserves worship, who is related to us, and teaches us all things, God is our father.