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THE 300

Friday, October 31, 2008

How to Stop Plagues and Disasters

Following is a list of natural disasters that have taken place on American soil since George H. Bush initiated the “Land for Peace,” conference in Madrid, Spain on October 30, 1991, the list was compiled by the authors John McTernan (a retired federal agent in the treasury department), and Bill Koenig (a White House correspondent). From the book Israel: Blessing or the Curse.

On October 31, 1991 one of the greatest storms of the century came ashore in New England. George Bush’s house in Kennebunkport Maine suffered extensive damage, and the Bush family lost many irreplacable heirlooms. The storm then tracked down the east coast, the opposite direction of hurricanes. A movie starring Mark Walburg called "The Perfect Storm," was made about this event.

On August 23, 1992 “Land for Peace" talks took place in Washington D.C. On the very same day hurricane Andrew devastated Florida with 30 billion in loses, making it up to that time the costliest natural disaster in American History.

Additionally George H. Bush went from a 92% (unheard of) approval rating in February 1991, to be defeated by the narcissist Bill Clinton, an almost total unknown in the democratic primary of 6 other contenders. (Remember the 7 dwarfs?).

On January 16, 1994: Bill Clinton meets with Syrian President Hafez Assad in Geneva to discuss more “Land for Peace,” arrangements. Less than a day later a 6.8 earthquake struck Northridge, CA, just north of Los Angeles, CA, total cost is estimated at about 30 billion, along with 57 deaths.

The following is a list of natural or man made disasters that happened as the result of meetings between Yasser Arafat and Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Sept 1, 1993: President Bill Clinton announces he will meet with Arafat and Rabin in Washington D.C. on Sept 13th. Hurricane Emily hits North Carolina a glancing blow, only causing 50 million in damage and 3 deaths.

March 2, 1997: Arafat meets with President Bill Clinton in Washington D.C. on that day Arkansas is hit by as many as 20 tornados, killing 25 people with flooding in Kentucky and Ohio

January 21, 1998: Bill Clinton is waiting to meet with Arafat at the White House. This is the same day the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal comes to light.

September 27, 1998: Bill Clinton meets with Arafat in Washington D.C., Hurricane George hits Alabama and stalls until Arafat leaves.

October 17, 1998: Arafat meets with Bill Clinton at the Wye Plantation in Maryland. Texas experiences disastrous rains and flooding.

November 23, 1998: Arafat meets with Bill Clinton, the stock market falls 216 points (that was a huge fall then)

December 12, 1998: Bill Clinton is meeting with Arafat in Gaza, the House of Representatives votes for the President's impeachment..

March 23, 1999: Arafat meets with Clinton in Washington D.C. the stock market falls 219 points.

September 3, 1999: Secretary of State Albright meets with Arafat in Israel, Hurricane Dennis comes ashore on this same day.

September 22, 1999: Clinton and Arafat meet in Washington D.C. The day before and the day after this meeting the stock market fell more than 200 points each day. This was the first time in history the market lost more than 200 points on two days in the week.

June 16, 2000: Arafat and Clinton meet, the market falls 265 points.

June 12-16, 2000: Arafat at the Camp David meetings. Terrible forest fires ravage the western United States, Yellowstone is devastated. Over 7 million acres burn during these fires.

November 9, 2000: Arafat meets with Clinton, the nation enters an election crisis which takes weeks to resolve, and permanently poisons the American political atmosphere.

June 6, 2001: Bush sends CIA director George Tenet to Israel to broker a deal to stop construction in disputed settlement areas. Hurricane Allison comes ashore in Texas and finally cuts a swath up into Pennsylvania with 4 billion in damage and 50 lives lost. (Just like his father before him, Bush Jr has a storm that aims directly at his home state when he continues the same diplomatic insanity of pressuring Israel to give up “Land for Peace.”

On October 2, 2001: President Bush issues his first statement in favor of a Palestinian State. On that same day the Anthrax terrorist attacks begin in Florida.

In the opinion of the authors of the book Israel: Blessing or the Curse? America is now experiencing the same sort of low level terrorist war that we have helped induce in Israel. I tend to agree with that theory. Even a skeptical reading of these events should make any leader in America take pause, but who listens; who thinks God is actually doing any of these things? I think we have leaders like Egypt had in the days of Moses, until finally the advisers to Pharaoh came to him after most of the plagues and they told him, “Let these people go, do you not realize Egypt is destroyed?”

I shudder to think what Obama will do, if he wins, as it looks like he will be the least sympathetic to Israel of all our past Presidents since Truman. Get ready America.

I have more of these “coincidences,” that I have found that link natural disasters in America to our dealings with Israel. Here is just one and it is about Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans on the morning of August 29, 2005 with estimated financial costs of $86 billion (Some say as much as $200 billion) This is the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. At least 1,800 people lost their lives, making it the 5th deadliest hurricane in American History. Now Israel began forced disengagement of Israeli citizens from settlements in Gaza (that Israel had in previous years encouraged) on August 15th 2005 and completed this process with some settlers being violently removed by Israeli security forces, then their houses bulldozed and all Israelis’ and Israeli forces had withdrawn by September 12th 2005. So Hurricane Katrina comes ashore and bulldozes thousand of American Homes, killing nearly two thousand in the middle of this process.

This forced process had come about by all the years of meddling by United States policy towards Israel; Part of the “Land for Peace,” mentality. I think the linkage is beyond obvious. I have not gone into any of the morality by any side with these observations. I am just showing the connections. To me it looks like we are messing with something that is bringing great destruction upon us as a nation. Presidents are ruined against these rocks, and apparently nations can be ruined also.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Nation of Judases

In Jesus Christ Superstar, the best vocalist, and best songs were by Judas. There is some confusion about Judas, why does he have the greatest place of dishonor in the Bible? Christ said of him it would have been better if he had never been born. I mean all he was trying to do was to force Jesus to be more himself, to stop doing these lame miracles for whores, tax-collectors, lepers and all the various losers coming to him for deliverance.

Come on Jesus, get with it, kill these Romans who oppress us and setup your long prophesied kingdom and “psssstt,” since I was the only one of the disciples to clearly discern your REAL intent and I forced events, by betraying you, I think I could at least be the number 2 man in that Kingdom. And you know, wink, wink that kiss thing was to show you it is all understood, you do understand right?

But we saw earlier Judas’s real motive and spirit. When Mary, (Either Magdalene, or the sister of Lazarus) came to him a few days before the crucifixion, somehow knowing by revelation that the crucifixion was coming, she knelt at his feet and broke an alabaster vessel filled with a very expensive perfumed ointment, and put it on his feet and wiped his feet with her hair, crying all the while. When Judas saw this he was filled with rage and rebuked the Lord and the woman for this terrible waste as the price of that ointment was about a years wages in those days, so for an American that would be about $40,000.00 dollars.

And Judas, trying to cover what he was really all about (an ambitious and political thief) said, why was this not sold and the money given to the poor? And Jesus rebuked Judas and said, “The poor you have with you always, but you do not always have me.” Now when Judas did this it was not a content free harmless little rage. It had all the backing of satanic power, when hit by such a force most of us just melt, and Mary could have felt condemned by the power of this uber-religious rant. And think of this; Christ in all his agony upon the cross, alone, abandoned even by God the father, could still smell that ointment coming up to him, perhaps the only reminder in the darkest hour on the earth of WHY he was suffering such torment and agony. It was for all the Mary’s then and to come, that would break through in true spiritual revelation and see who He was and would worship with the abandon and love that only the truly redeemed can know.

It may be Mary’s act was the only thing that brought him through, when ready to give up and to ask the Father to rescue him, to judge the satanically possessed Pharisees at the foot of the cross that a little wind would bring him the perfumed scent of what Mary had done.

So we see now a nation where a large percentage, and this election will show if it is the larger part of the electorate, will vote with the idea of a political rescue by their Messiah, to deliver them from the oppressive hand of conservatives, Christians, and a few Jews that still believe. They will betray the purpose of God for a few pieces of silver, for a financial rescue, for robbing the productive to pay for votes. All done with a slathered on excuse of “this is for the poor, this is for the afflicted. (It is for the children, don’t you know?) All done through a messiah that sat in a church with satanically inspired teachings, a “political,” church; all done by placing hope in a man that made his bargain with the Devil a long time ago. Know this America, God cannot be used by anyone, your prayers for false hope will not be answered but will be the trigger to destroy this false hope, to destroy this deception that God is here to deliver you from reality. The Christians will not be raptured, and the liberals will not be saved by government. We will all get to face the judgments coming on the earth now. And only those that discern the true intent of God, and worship only Him will be protected from the satanic wrath to come.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Three Ages of Man (Part 3)

As the second coming of the Lord is upon the earth we see changes that first appear in our culture, in science and knowledge, and in the decay of the governments of man, as must happen as the government of God is replacing the government of man. The coming of the Lord is a great event that throws its shadow upon all humanity. This time period began around WWI, in that the prophecy of Daniel is completed as the time of the Gentiles has come to an end. Now Daniel’s vision revealed the Gentile Kingdoms from Babylon through Media-Persia, then Greece, then Rome. The remnants of the Roman Empire came crashing down in 1914 with the start of WWI.

All the maps of Europe are redrawn, the Hapsburg dynasty comes to an end, and strange freakish governments come upon the earth (communism). Communism, socialism, fascism are manifestations of the beast that devours the woman riding upon it. Communism literally devoured the false church, especially the Orthodox, Greek and Russian Church. Socialism and fascism has done in the rest of the Catholic (western) church in Europe. Their churches are dead and empty…Islam moves into the vacuum.

It is interesting to note that Jerusalem was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, the Jewish nation and the first temple is destroyed. A remnant of the Jews returns under the Persian King Cyrus and rebuilds the temple, but it is nothing in comparison to Solomon’s temple. More importantly the Jews are never again a sovereign nation until 1948, the only nation in history that has come back into existence after it was destroyed, as well as the revival of a dead language (Hebrew), why humanity does not take special note of this fact is beyond me, maybe they do since under demonic influence most of the nations of the earth rail against Israel, and not a few seek its destruction.

Now 586 + 1914 = 2500, a very significant number as it represents 50 X 50. Fifty is the cycle of the Jubilee year in Israel. Mosaic Law dictated every seven years you gave the land rest and did not plant, a pretty enlightened and scientific knowledge for the times as the land would recover and regenerate if you rested it one year in seven. Now every seventh sabbatical year was a year of Jubilee, it would fall every 49 years and extend to the 50th year. That was a special sabbatical year in that all property returned to the original families and all debt was forgiven, and slaves are set free.

Once again an incredibly enlightened system that kept the rich from getting extraordinarily rich, and the poor from remaining always poor. Acquisition of power and land could only go on for 50 years, and then everything had to revert back to original inheritance. America could use such a system to combat the current greed that has caused such financial distress, and created our own oligarchy.

In 1914 the gentile powers were broken, and that breaking and smashing continues, the Balfour declaration set into motion the re-creation of the nation of Israel, and in this same time period the church was experiencing the outpourings of the Holy Spirit, something that had been going on here and there for 80 years, but in the early 1900’s you have tremendous outpourings of the Holy Spirit all over the world, the famous Azusa Street outpourings in Los Angeles were part of that movement. God was restoring His original Church at the same time He is restoring His original nation.

During this time we see the advent of technologies that enable global communication (certainly a prerequisite for a universal kingdom under God). We see the release of electronic knowledge, quantum physics, molecular biology, advanced transportation, conquring of infectious disease, these sciences will be used to help create the conditions of the Kingdom of God, such as changing the nature of animals (Lion will lay down with the lamb), of longevity (men shall live as long as trees, and anyone that dies before a hundred years old will be thought to be accursed). Even great prophetic power is foretold in the governance of man, in those nations that do not obey, the prophets can stop rain upon that nation. Of course right now we see these sciences used for both good and evil. But remember the printing press was originally used to promulgate the Bible. It is man that perverts the usage of science.

It is to the issue of man becoming beings that are centered in their spirits, not our souls or the physical that this 3rd age of God’s dealings with man is focused. As such we are also witnessing the last great outburst of soulish man, almost like a cosmic temper tantrum of many who do not want to grow up. ( I have always considered the Dem party to be the party of Peter Pan). To understand a liberal is to understand a person that refuses to go through the personal pain and confrontation from God about themselves. A truly spiritual person is incredibly humble, because they have discovered what a wretch they are or can be, or have been.

You discover this in your relationships with wife or husband. Men have to re-walk back to the Garden of Eden where Adam blamed his wife for his fall, and then blamed God for giving him Eve. That is the expression of the Adamic nature in men, to blame the woman (for interfering with his relationship with God). Grow up Adam, YOU betrayed God and YOU betrayed your wife. The Adamic nature in a woman is that which is easily deceived by other voices, and is too self-focused and vain. Grow up Eve…get your eyes off the fruit you are not supposed to eat, stop dragging your man into a materialistic life.

The rise of homosexuality at this time is a way for man or woman to avoid becoming spiritual, the greatest channel to mature a person (that is willing) is marriage to the opposite sex. We complement and confront one another in our natures. Homosexuals divert this purpose, it is not the sex that is the sin; it is the rejection of the method of God, the mechanism of God to provoking a human being to mature and become a spiritually oriented person. God will not fool with this beyond a certain limit, refer to Sodom and Gomorrah. If you never marry God is faithful to provide channels to you for that maturing, some people are not meant to be married.

A spiritual person lives for something greater than themselves or immediate gratification. A spiritual person learns to love, that’s right, learns to love, no matter how lovable you think you are true spiritual love is learned and only comes by suffering for others. That is why the cry of liberals about the war in Iraq is now something evil, because no matter what reasons they give, that war is essentially a duty upon Christians, and Jews actually, or those raised under that ethic to fight and maybe even die for the freedom of others that DO NOT LOVE YOU. There can hardly be anything as unlovable as Muslims destroyed under their satanic religion. But they have no chance if somebody from outside that system does not suffer, and shed blood for their freedom.

I still cry to this day when I remember that video of the young marine dancing on top of the Humvee for some little awe-struck Iraqi kids. Just that simple act, just loving those little kids, trying to make them laugh. Or of the story of crying Marines as they liberated little kids from one of Saddam’s political prisons, many carrying the tortured and starved little kids over to their crying, yet overjoyed parents. If you are not moved by this, then you may be beyond hope or understanding. There has to be something there that God can start to work with, you may be damaging that part of you beyond recovery if you are consumed by political hatreds and doctrines. Remember Judas was a person focused on the political, he wanted to bend Jesus to his desire to kill the Romans…that did not work out too well.

Certainly the Jews are under this condition, and actually were there before us, dying by the hand of hateful Arabs and Muslims. How many Jews in order to stay sane had to learn to forgive from a divine level, after seeing their loved ones blown up on busses, in pizza parlors, in airplanes and cruise ships? The world yawned, America forced unrighteous negotiations upon Israel.

Then 911, we get to join the suffering, we get to join the war…or ELSE!

This did not go as I thought, I have more to add to this but we will do that in another post.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Three Ages of Man (Part 2)

We left off on the last post with the hope of explaining the transition of man under the maturing dealings of God from a being primarily focused on the physical to a being that now begins to focus on the soul. One thing we need to explain is that these transitions and boundaries are not set in stone, nor are there clear demarcations throughout history. It is a general approximation. Of course you had people throughout history that were more spiritual than soulish, more soulish than physical. We are taking an objective eagle-eye view of history here…letting the individuals recede from prominence and focus on the greater sweep of history.

For example, certainly the Jewish prophets were spiritual men, some were on such a high level, at least one did not see death but was directly translated to the spirit realm (Elijah), and probably Moses, as his body was taken when he died so as not to be used as an idolatrous object by Israel. Before the flood Enoch was also translated without seeing death.

And during the physical age, but nearing the end of that time, many Greek philosophers were exploring the limits of human intellect, at least in the philosophical arena. But primarily it was a physical age; this can be seen and contrasted in how the Jews dealt with evil. For instance if your child was rebellious and would not accept correction, he could be put to death. If people were demon possessed, many times the only recourse was to kill that person. We should also make a special note as to the Nephelim, in that they were Giants (physically) and they were famous.

When Christ came part of the confusion, especially among the intelligentsia of the Jews, is he did not come to take on their physical enemies. He did not foment rebellion to Rome. He did not have a fight with a physical giant like David. Instead he starts talking about the thought life of man. (If you lust after a woman in your heart…you have already committed adultery). Instead of stoning people which the law required for some sins, he would forgive, and not a few times cast out demons. Christ elevated everything to a higher level. IMO, I think he was trying to elevate us to the spiritual plane, but man was to low to do this in one step.

The early church was on a far higher level than any church since. But within about a hundred years it lost that high spiritual level and sank into the error of the soul. Almost as if man just could not make that great a leap. In one of Christ’s miracles a man was healed from blindness; but when Christ asks him how he saw things. He says, “I see men as trees walking.” Christ touches him again and his sight is completely restored. This is a prophetic demonstration that humanity would need to be touched twice by the spirit of Christ for our spiritual vision to be corrected.

In fact the Bible talks of a double portion in many places. Job receives a double portion after his terrible suffering. Elisha receives a double portion after Elijah is translated. Many Biblical scholars agree that the Elijah-Elisha relationship represents Christ and his Church. So the Church is to receive a double portion of what Christ had. The story of the 10 virgins, five wise, five foolish; all are virgins, but five of them have extra oil (Oil is the Bible’s representation of the Holy Spirit). The overcoming Church MUST have a double portion. Joseph was given a double portion; Haggai 2:9 says that the Glory of the latter house would be greater than the glory of the former. He was speaking at the rebuilding of the temple after the captivity in ancient times. But the temple that they built in that time never had the glory of Solomon’s temple. It is the Church Haggai was talking about. The church at the end would have more than the beginning church.

The Church age is established and for a short while it nearly functions on a high plane of spirit, but it falls, just as man originally fell in the garden. Now man is left a soulish being, not a physical being. The climb out of the dark ages is a history of the discovery of intellect, of all the aspects of soul, of religion (because the soul is incurably religious), of art, science, of discovery. It is the beginning of the rejection of man ruling man. Now man’s soulish opinion is that this rejection, for instance, the rejection of the divine right of kings leads to true liberty. And there is some truth to that, but it also leads to anarchy. See what is happening in America when you elevate human rights to a religious level, and it gives excuse to all manner of evil (see the ACLU for reference). However in a greater reality it is preparation for man to simply NOT be ruled by other men. But man must be ruled, lest he become a beast (See liberal moonbats, or visit Daily KOS for reference).

That preparation is for man to rule himself via his own spirit, via the spirit of Christ. For Christ must rule until all things are subjected to Him, then He gives up that rule to the Father. In essence we will all have a direct connection to God the father, the creator, with no one in God’s stead, like popes, kings, preachers, politicians, or Hollywood movie stars. Not so easily done as it takes thousand of years, and informs us why utopians are perhaps the stupidest people that have ever lived, thinking they can accomplish by revolution in a few years, what God cannot do in thousands of years. No wonder all utopian societies simply enable the murderous darkness in men’s souls to kill with machinelike efficiency.

It took thousands of years of Jewish history during the physical age just to establish the idea of monotheism. Yet that idea did not prevail in the earth, the Jews were surrounded and even ruled by pagans. However during the Church age the Christian offshoot of Judaism secured the idea of a creator God, and opened the door for man to understand (soul) his environment via predictable and discoverable laws. Even if man rebels in his soul to the idea of God, his science cannot but speak of laws (the stupid mind of a fallen soulish man never seems to come to the understanding that if there is law…there MUST be a lawgiver. If there is order, there must be the first principle that creates that order). Many errors creep into our view of God as soulish beings, our science is distorted, such as Darwin’s theory of evolution is preposterous on too many levels to cover in a year of reading, but see Little Green Footballs and Charles Johnson for how a soulish man will cling to distorted science like sinners cling to the cross of Christ. A soulish man cannot know God, he sees God as a tree walking, just ask Al Gore.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Three Ages of Man (Part 1)

We can divide the time of man on this earth into three basic ages: Each age lasts one half the time of the previous age. The first age is 4,000 years, the second age is 2,000 years and the last age is 1,000 years. These ages correspond to the triune nature of man (Body, Soul, and Spirit) and the way God deals with man as if he were a single living organism during these three ages. As Christians or Jews we are familiar with the idea that both of these belief systems emphasize the individual over the collective, and anytime man comes up with a system that emphasizes the collective over the individual you have the great killing machines of government unleashed in the earth, so I am not abrogating that viewpoint, but in dealing with the realm of spirit, individuality is de-emphasized, and unity is brought more into focus.

Many mystics have a common experience in that they transcend something of the fractured existence we experience as human beings and they all try to explain a realm of wholeness, of oneness, of somehow seeing everything at once, of a universal understanding, a knowing. When God first created man he breathed his spirit into a physical body and it was said of Adam he became a living soul. Now Adam disobeyed and we have fallen man, not even much of a soulish being, but a physical being. The first 4,000 years of man emphasized the physical aspect of man.

You can see this in how man confronted evil. These were physical battles, sometimes you had to battle physical giants, such as David versus Goliath. Greek mythology talks of half god, half man beings such as Hercules, Orion, Bellerophon, the Norse have Siegfreid and Beowulf, the Romans had their mythology, as did the Persians, Babylonians, Hindus and just about every civilization. We will delve into that aspect in a later post. The Bible gives us the true basis of these myths in Genesis 6:1-7

1 When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal ; his days will be a hundred and twenty years." 4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. 5 The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. 6 The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. 7 So the LORD said, "I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth—men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air—for I am grieved that I have made them." NIV

The book of Enoch which was barely rejected as a canonical book of the Bible by the Christian Councils of the 4th and 5th centuries talks of a certain order of angels that had the ability to appear as human beings and then enter into sexual relations with women, their offspring were these Nephelim, giants and men of renown. The oral traditions of various racial groups pervert and embellish the Biblical account with fantastical deeds and mix up the relationship of man and so called “Gods.” Not Gods, but angels that fell with Satan in rebellion, and the book of Jude alludes to these angels as having a greater judgment and they are currently imprisoned waiting for that judgment.

So evil in primitive times manifests as gigantism and fame, especially in battle. It is during this era of human history that the great empires that Daniel envisions come and go...with the exception of Rome, which is the human empire that is in the earth at the time when God begins to deal with man in his soul. It is interesting to note that the trigger for this new focus of God’s dealing is the first coming of Christ. Indeed the trigger for God to begin dealing with the aspect of man in his spirit is the second coming of Christ.

To finish this first part, think of the Edenic creation of man as establishing the physical life of man. We are busy conquering the earth (and each other) finding the mountain passes, building empires and civilizations; discovering how to build, to farm the land, to domesticate animals, to devise first order physical weapons, primarily physical functions. It is not until we are well into the soulish age of man that we begin to discover the intellectual, scientific, artistic and even the religious side of man (the soul part of man).

I think all can agree that human history seems radically different from Christ onward. Something fundamental has changed. The drive for great physical empires seems to sputter and die, arising once in a while, but nothing of the accomplishments of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece or Rome. If there are great empire type movements they are primarily the raiding sweeping devastations of barbarians and Mongol hordes. We now witness Religious based Kingdoms, first the Christian kingdoms of Rome and Constantinople, then the rise of Islam. The key to all of the changes and growth of man is Christ.

Man is a complex creation, far more complex than the creation of angels, and requiring a far more intimate relationship and touch from God. Imagine man is a physical being, then Christ comes and breathes upon THAT creation and man becomes a soulish being. Now imagine Christ coming again and breathing on THAT creation and man then becomes a Spiritual being. We will get into the soul aspect of man in the next post, and try to delinate what has changed from the physical age to the soul age, and what we might expect in the transition from the soul age to the spirit age...something that has already begun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stop Fighting Over The Tiny Pie

After watching the debate tonight I decided to start this blog. We can, and will talk about many things on this blog, but one thing I am all done with is playing within this system, both politically, religiously, and probably on other issues. The debate went about as I expected, essentially two candidates arguing over how to slice up an ever diminishing pie. We can get bogged down into the details of this or that tax program, this or that entitlement, endlessly boring details about health care, education programs, the financial meltdown, and how the same people that caused this meltdown are going to fix this problem. This is like asking the executives at the post office to initiate programs in employer-employee relationships. America and its people are being sold short by such a limited vision offered by both parties.

I will use scripture quite a bit on this blog as I am a believer but I am NOT religious, so I promise no self-righteous quotations of scripture. Scripture to me reads like mathematical formulas:
Blessed are the poor in spirit = for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the peacemakers = for they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are the pure in heart = for they shall see God.

Now that is just three of the Beatitudes and all eight read like equations. This action will produce such and such a result. What is lacking, and has been lacking for a long time in America; there is no vision other than we are "consumers." We cannot just exists as consumers, it is meaningless and eventually such a lifestyle produces the financial error that will take several years for this country to overcome, that is if the same government officials and financial "masters of the universe" that created this crisis don't plunge us deeper into the abyss.

I remember how secular humanist voices decried the days of America’s Manifest Destiny, how we displaced the Indians and all the resulting cruelties. How Secretary Seward was mocked for purchasing Alaska for $7,200,000. Yet what would the world be like if Americans did not have vision in our first century? Buying the Louisiana territory from France for 3 cents an acre; to fight a corrupt Mexico for the southwest, and take California from the elitist dons who each owned hundreds of thousands of acres and perpetuated the medieval Lord and serf system. We had to fight wars that are in some way a vision imposed upon us, sometimes for survival itself, such as WWII, and the following cold war.

I remember those days, Russia was a real threat, and those without vision or courage said such things as “better red than dead.” There are some things worse than death and not fighting for anything may be one of those things. Here is my idea of what should have happened at the debate. I will select the John McCain side as I think he is the lesser of two absolutely no vision evils. If I were John McCain I would have had consultations with some of our leading scientists and engineers on how we not only get off foreign (read Islamic) oil, but how can America with all it innovation and great thinkers become the major energy exporting nation in the earth. Pipe dream you say? But there are reputable scientists that say we can do these things…now, with current technology:

The potential for power from space has been recognized for over thirty years (1). Studies in the late 1970's by NASA and the Department of Energy produced a reference design for solar power satellites using then-current technology that showed technical feasibility, but also high cost. NASA returned to the subject with an exploratory study from 1999 to 2001. A review by the National Research Council (2) found the program to have a credible plan which required significant funding increases. Rather than strengthening the program, however, all funding for the space solar power group ceased after September 2001, and essentially no R&D work on power from space is now being done in the US. Worldwide over a trillion dollars a year goes to the energy industry, and utilities routinely construct multi-billion-dollar power plants. The energy industry has a bigger wallet than the entire US federal discretionary budget.

Just Google on Solar Power from the Moon and see how many universities and scientists have proposed these programs. There is nuclear that could be brought on line quickly if we can get the lawyers and ultra-environmentalists to stop the national suicide. The liberals argue we cannot drill our way out of this crisis, however this is sophistry. Nobody is saying we are going to answer all the energy problems by pumping more oil, the liberals then add to the sophistry by insisting even if you drill for oil you cannot get it online for 8 or 9 years. This is an outright lie.

Oil close to shore, (where most offshore oil is found) can be brought online in as little as 18 months, that is if you send the lawyers and environmentalists to China for a couple of years to harass their economy and allow America to grow again, as something more than consumers or endless lines of young people seeking to be on reality shows for a living.

There is tidal, geothermal, earth-based solar. Why is there no partnership between city governments, or state governments and industry to install solar cells on the roofs of buildings and houses in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other sun cities in the West? What a woeful lack of vision among our government officials both nationally, state and city. Most are involved in the stupid "pie is only so big" argument. Germany does this with great success and that is a country with far less sunshine than our southwest.

One estimate by the physics department of the University of Houston says we could establish bases on the moon and with robot factories that would build solar collecting stations, then tight-beam microwave broadcast power to stationary satellites and then down to receiving stations on earth; clean renewable non-polluting power, and at one fifth the cost of current energy. This energy could be sold to other nations and bring money into the American treasury and American industry. The head of this department testified before congress a few years ago. Any interest, did you hear about it? Of course not, our congress critters went back to their pie fight.

It is time for conservatives to pre-empt American socialists and propose effective government-industry partnerships. I think we have to face it; America will never return to a small government model. If that observation is true, then we need to advocate to design a government that works for us, instead of a government that is used by narrow-minded, and if I may say so, mean-spirited and arrogant socialists to engineer utopias that never work, but at least they are in charge. (The whole point for socialists in my opinion, no matter how many children and poor folks they use as a club to beat us into accepting their spirit killing utopias).

I think humanity evolves (not in the Darwinian sense) but spiritually. In other words we have gone from the pure physical age, then to the Church age (the soul of man explored) and now I think, many of us are sensing something great is happening. Depending on your perspective it can be a fearful time. But I believe as part of the maturing of humanity as a whole we are being challenged as in no other time in human history, and that is to become beings that are more spiritual than soulish, more spiritual than physical, and yet we still remain triune beings. And the essence of becoming spiritual beings is that we must be in the image of God, and that means we also become creators.

In a sense we have been something like parasites on the earth. Using up energy that was stored over the eons as fossil fuel, and the earth is feeling the impact of our immaturity. But it is time to grow up and be what we were created to be and that is to create, to look for answers and science and technologies that do not exist now, but to bring forth the things we can certainly imagine. It is easy to just exist, to just “consume,” but it takes effort to create, it takes focus, it takes breaking out of the status quo, to stop fighting over a pie that never grows. We need to build some pie factories, to think bigger to get out of this left-right dynamic, to rise above that dynamic and become spiritual beings and function as creators.