THE 300

THE 300

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Three Ages of Man (Part 3)

As the second coming of the Lord is upon the earth we see changes that first appear in our culture, in science and knowledge, and in the decay of the governments of man, as must happen as the government of God is replacing the government of man. The coming of the Lord is a great event that throws its shadow upon all humanity. This time period began around WWI, in that the prophecy of Daniel is completed as the time of the Gentiles has come to an end. Now Daniel’s vision revealed the Gentile Kingdoms from Babylon through Media-Persia, then Greece, then Rome. The remnants of the Roman Empire came crashing down in 1914 with the start of WWI.

All the maps of Europe are redrawn, the Hapsburg dynasty comes to an end, and strange freakish governments come upon the earth (communism). Communism, socialism, fascism are manifestations of the beast that devours the woman riding upon it. Communism literally devoured the false church, especially the Orthodox, Greek and Russian Church. Socialism and fascism has done in the rest of the Catholic (western) church in Europe. Their churches are dead and empty…Islam moves into the vacuum.

It is interesting to note that Jerusalem was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC, the Jewish nation and the first temple is destroyed. A remnant of the Jews returns under the Persian King Cyrus and rebuilds the temple, but it is nothing in comparison to Solomon’s temple. More importantly the Jews are never again a sovereign nation until 1948, the only nation in history that has come back into existence after it was destroyed, as well as the revival of a dead language (Hebrew), why humanity does not take special note of this fact is beyond me, maybe they do since under demonic influence most of the nations of the earth rail against Israel, and not a few seek its destruction.

Now 586 + 1914 = 2500, a very significant number as it represents 50 X 50. Fifty is the cycle of the Jubilee year in Israel. Mosaic Law dictated every seven years you gave the land rest and did not plant, a pretty enlightened and scientific knowledge for the times as the land would recover and regenerate if you rested it one year in seven. Now every seventh sabbatical year was a year of Jubilee, it would fall every 49 years and extend to the 50th year. That was a special sabbatical year in that all property returned to the original families and all debt was forgiven, and slaves are set free.

Once again an incredibly enlightened system that kept the rich from getting extraordinarily rich, and the poor from remaining always poor. Acquisition of power and land could only go on for 50 years, and then everything had to revert back to original inheritance. America could use such a system to combat the current greed that has caused such financial distress, and created our own oligarchy.

In 1914 the gentile powers were broken, and that breaking and smashing continues, the Balfour declaration set into motion the re-creation of the nation of Israel, and in this same time period the church was experiencing the outpourings of the Holy Spirit, something that had been going on here and there for 80 years, but in the early 1900’s you have tremendous outpourings of the Holy Spirit all over the world, the famous Azusa Street outpourings in Los Angeles were part of that movement. God was restoring His original Church at the same time He is restoring His original nation.

During this time we see the advent of technologies that enable global communication (certainly a prerequisite for a universal kingdom under God). We see the release of electronic knowledge, quantum physics, molecular biology, advanced transportation, conquring of infectious disease, these sciences will be used to help create the conditions of the Kingdom of God, such as changing the nature of animals (Lion will lay down with the lamb), of longevity (men shall live as long as trees, and anyone that dies before a hundred years old will be thought to be accursed). Even great prophetic power is foretold in the governance of man, in those nations that do not obey, the prophets can stop rain upon that nation. Of course right now we see these sciences used for both good and evil. But remember the printing press was originally used to promulgate the Bible. It is man that perverts the usage of science.

It is to the issue of man becoming beings that are centered in their spirits, not our souls or the physical that this 3rd age of God’s dealings with man is focused. As such we are also witnessing the last great outburst of soulish man, almost like a cosmic temper tantrum of many who do not want to grow up. ( I have always considered the Dem party to be the party of Peter Pan). To understand a liberal is to understand a person that refuses to go through the personal pain and confrontation from God about themselves. A truly spiritual person is incredibly humble, because they have discovered what a wretch they are or can be, or have been.

You discover this in your relationships with wife or husband. Men have to re-walk back to the Garden of Eden where Adam blamed his wife for his fall, and then blamed God for giving him Eve. That is the expression of the Adamic nature in men, to blame the woman (for interfering with his relationship with God). Grow up Adam, YOU betrayed God and YOU betrayed your wife. The Adamic nature in a woman is that which is easily deceived by other voices, and is too self-focused and vain. Grow up Eve…get your eyes off the fruit you are not supposed to eat, stop dragging your man into a materialistic life.

The rise of homosexuality at this time is a way for man or woman to avoid becoming spiritual, the greatest channel to mature a person (that is willing) is marriage to the opposite sex. We complement and confront one another in our natures. Homosexuals divert this purpose, it is not the sex that is the sin; it is the rejection of the method of God, the mechanism of God to provoking a human being to mature and become a spiritually oriented person. God will not fool with this beyond a certain limit, refer to Sodom and Gomorrah. If you never marry God is faithful to provide channels to you for that maturing, some people are not meant to be married.

A spiritual person lives for something greater than themselves or immediate gratification. A spiritual person learns to love, that’s right, learns to love, no matter how lovable you think you are true spiritual love is learned and only comes by suffering for others. That is why the cry of liberals about the war in Iraq is now something evil, because no matter what reasons they give, that war is essentially a duty upon Christians, and Jews actually, or those raised under that ethic to fight and maybe even die for the freedom of others that DO NOT LOVE YOU. There can hardly be anything as unlovable as Muslims destroyed under their satanic religion. But they have no chance if somebody from outside that system does not suffer, and shed blood for their freedom.

I still cry to this day when I remember that video of the young marine dancing on top of the Humvee for some little awe-struck Iraqi kids. Just that simple act, just loving those little kids, trying to make them laugh. Or of the story of crying Marines as they liberated little kids from one of Saddam’s political prisons, many carrying the tortured and starved little kids over to their crying, yet overjoyed parents. If you are not moved by this, then you may be beyond hope or understanding. There has to be something there that God can start to work with, you may be damaging that part of you beyond recovery if you are consumed by political hatreds and doctrines. Remember Judas was a person focused on the political, he wanted to bend Jesus to his desire to kill the Romans…that did not work out too well.

Certainly the Jews are under this condition, and actually were there before us, dying by the hand of hateful Arabs and Muslims. How many Jews in order to stay sane had to learn to forgive from a divine level, after seeing their loved ones blown up on busses, in pizza parlors, in airplanes and cruise ships? The world yawned, America forced unrighteous negotiations upon Israel.

Then 911, we get to join the suffering, we get to join the war…or ELSE!

This did not go as I thought, I have more to add to this but we will do that in another post.

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