THE 300

THE 300

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Nation of Judases

In Jesus Christ Superstar, the best vocalist, and best songs were by Judas. There is some confusion about Judas, why does he have the greatest place of dishonor in the Bible? Christ said of him it would have been better if he had never been born. I mean all he was trying to do was to force Jesus to be more himself, to stop doing these lame miracles for whores, tax-collectors, lepers and all the various losers coming to him for deliverance.

Come on Jesus, get with it, kill these Romans who oppress us and setup your long prophesied kingdom and “psssstt,” since I was the only one of the disciples to clearly discern your REAL intent and I forced events, by betraying you, I think I could at least be the number 2 man in that Kingdom. And you know, wink, wink that kiss thing was to show you it is all understood, you do understand right?

But we saw earlier Judas’s real motive and spirit. When Mary, (Either Magdalene, or the sister of Lazarus) came to him a few days before the crucifixion, somehow knowing by revelation that the crucifixion was coming, she knelt at his feet and broke an alabaster vessel filled with a very expensive perfumed ointment, and put it on his feet and wiped his feet with her hair, crying all the while. When Judas saw this he was filled with rage and rebuked the Lord and the woman for this terrible waste as the price of that ointment was about a years wages in those days, so for an American that would be about $40,000.00 dollars.

And Judas, trying to cover what he was really all about (an ambitious and political thief) said, why was this not sold and the money given to the poor? And Jesus rebuked Judas and said, “The poor you have with you always, but you do not always have me.” Now when Judas did this it was not a content free harmless little rage. It had all the backing of satanic power, when hit by such a force most of us just melt, and Mary could have felt condemned by the power of this uber-religious rant. And think of this; Christ in all his agony upon the cross, alone, abandoned even by God the father, could still smell that ointment coming up to him, perhaps the only reminder in the darkest hour on the earth of WHY he was suffering such torment and agony. It was for all the Mary’s then and to come, that would break through in true spiritual revelation and see who He was and would worship with the abandon and love that only the truly redeemed can know.

It may be Mary’s act was the only thing that brought him through, when ready to give up and to ask the Father to rescue him, to judge the satanically possessed Pharisees at the foot of the cross that a little wind would bring him the perfumed scent of what Mary had done.

So we see now a nation where a large percentage, and this election will show if it is the larger part of the electorate, will vote with the idea of a political rescue by their Messiah, to deliver them from the oppressive hand of conservatives, Christians, and a few Jews that still believe. They will betray the purpose of God for a few pieces of silver, for a financial rescue, for robbing the productive to pay for votes. All done with a slathered on excuse of “this is for the poor, this is for the afflicted. (It is for the children, don’t you know?) All done through a messiah that sat in a church with satanically inspired teachings, a “political,” church; all done by placing hope in a man that made his bargain with the Devil a long time ago. Know this America, God cannot be used by anyone, your prayers for false hope will not be answered but will be the trigger to destroy this false hope, to destroy this deception that God is here to deliver you from reality. The Christians will not be raptured, and the liberals will not be saved by government. We will all get to face the judgments coming on the earth now. And only those that discern the true intent of God, and worship only Him will be protected from the satanic wrath to come.

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