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THE 300

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Three Ages of Man (Part 2)

We left off on the last post with the hope of explaining the transition of man under the maturing dealings of God from a being primarily focused on the physical to a being that now begins to focus on the soul. One thing we need to explain is that these transitions and boundaries are not set in stone, nor are there clear demarcations throughout history. It is a general approximation. Of course you had people throughout history that were more spiritual than soulish, more soulish than physical. We are taking an objective eagle-eye view of history here…letting the individuals recede from prominence and focus on the greater sweep of history.

For example, certainly the Jewish prophets were spiritual men, some were on such a high level, at least one did not see death but was directly translated to the spirit realm (Elijah), and probably Moses, as his body was taken when he died so as not to be used as an idolatrous object by Israel. Before the flood Enoch was also translated without seeing death.

And during the physical age, but nearing the end of that time, many Greek philosophers were exploring the limits of human intellect, at least in the philosophical arena. But primarily it was a physical age; this can be seen and contrasted in how the Jews dealt with evil. For instance if your child was rebellious and would not accept correction, he could be put to death. If people were demon possessed, many times the only recourse was to kill that person. We should also make a special note as to the Nephelim, in that they were Giants (physically) and they were famous.

When Christ came part of the confusion, especially among the intelligentsia of the Jews, is he did not come to take on their physical enemies. He did not foment rebellion to Rome. He did not have a fight with a physical giant like David. Instead he starts talking about the thought life of man. (If you lust after a woman in your heart…you have already committed adultery). Instead of stoning people which the law required for some sins, he would forgive, and not a few times cast out demons. Christ elevated everything to a higher level. IMO, I think he was trying to elevate us to the spiritual plane, but man was to low to do this in one step.

The early church was on a far higher level than any church since. But within about a hundred years it lost that high spiritual level and sank into the error of the soul. Almost as if man just could not make that great a leap. In one of Christ’s miracles a man was healed from blindness; but when Christ asks him how he saw things. He says, “I see men as trees walking.” Christ touches him again and his sight is completely restored. This is a prophetic demonstration that humanity would need to be touched twice by the spirit of Christ for our spiritual vision to be corrected.

In fact the Bible talks of a double portion in many places. Job receives a double portion after his terrible suffering. Elisha receives a double portion after Elijah is translated. Many Biblical scholars agree that the Elijah-Elisha relationship represents Christ and his Church. So the Church is to receive a double portion of what Christ had. The story of the 10 virgins, five wise, five foolish; all are virgins, but five of them have extra oil (Oil is the Bible’s representation of the Holy Spirit). The overcoming Church MUST have a double portion. Joseph was given a double portion; Haggai 2:9 says that the Glory of the latter house would be greater than the glory of the former. He was speaking at the rebuilding of the temple after the captivity in ancient times. But the temple that they built in that time never had the glory of Solomon’s temple. It is the Church Haggai was talking about. The church at the end would have more than the beginning church.

The Church age is established and for a short while it nearly functions on a high plane of spirit, but it falls, just as man originally fell in the garden. Now man is left a soulish being, not a physical being. The climb out of the dark ages is a history of the discovery of intellect, of all the aspects of soul, of religion (because the soul is incurably religious), of art, science, of discovery. It is the beginning of the rejection of man ruling man. Now man’s soulish opinion is that this rejection, for instance, the rejection of the divine right of kings leads to true liberty. And there is some truth to that, but it also leads to anarchy. See what is happening in America when you elevate human rights to a religious level, and it gives excuse to all manner of evil (see the ACLU for reference). However in a greater reality it is preparation for man to simply NOT be ruled by other men. But man must be ruled, lest he become a beast (See liberal moonbats, or visit Daily KOS for reference).

That preparation is for man to rule himself via his own spirit, via the spirit of Christ. For Christ must rule until all things are subjected to Him, then He gives up that rule to the Father. In essence we will all have a direct connection to God the father, the creator, with no one in God’s stead, like popes, kings, preachers, politicians, or Hollywood movie stars. Not so easily done as it takes thousand of years, and informs us why utopians are perhaps the stupidest people that have ever lived, thinking they can accomplish by revolution in a few years, what God cannot do in thousands of years. No wonder all utopian societies simply enable the murderous darkness in men’s souls to kill with machinelike efficiency.

It took thousands of years of Jewish history during the physical age just to establish the idea of monotheism. Yet that idea did not prevail in the earth, the Jews were surrounded and even ruled by pagans. However during the Church age the Christian offshoot of Judaism secured the idea of a creator God, and opened the door for man to understand (soul) his environment via predictable and discoverable laws. Even if man rebels in his soul to the idea of God, his science cannot but speak of laws (the stupid mind of a fallen soulish man never seems to come to the understanding that if there is law…there MUST be a lawgiver. If there is order, there must be the first principle that creates that order). Many errors creep into our view of God as soulish beings, our science is distorted, such as Darwin’s theory of evolution is preposterous on too many levels to cover in a year of reading, but see Little Green Footballs and Charles Johnson for how a soulish man will cling to distorted science like sinners cling to the cross of Christ. A soulish man cannot know God, he sees God as a tree walking, just ask Al Gore.

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