THE 300

THE 300

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Election of Barney the Purple Dinosaur

I am going to call this the Barney election. 52% of Americans abdicated their responsibility for freedom, both for this land and for the world by electing Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Several years ago I wrote a paper with the observation that the Democratic Party keeps offering candidates that amount to a recapitulation of a human being in a reverse chronological order. Each candidate since Kennedy represents a certain age of a normal human lifespan.

Kennedy represented a young self-centered male, probably in his thirties. Kennedy had some vision for the nation, but I think most was soaring rhetoric that enabled him to get the job in the first place. Kennedy was an unmitigated disaster for this nation, Camelot aside. Kennedy was a moral degenerate along with his entire family from father on down. The Kennedy fortune was won during the prohibition by the actions of his bootlegging, gangster father. A vile and vindictive man that swore he would use his fortune to make one of his sons President, not for love of country, but to spite the political elites of Boston that dared to spurn him.

That Presidency was won by once again a complicit MSM (yes they were utterly biased even then) by hiring hookers to seduce delegates at the Los Angeles convention, and by the dirty Chicago, dead voter political machine (how things stay the same!). Once in office Kennedy ramped up defense spending to pay off political debts, thus alarming the Russians and starting the cold war. When Kennedy ramped up defense spending, particularly the production of ICBMS, the United States already had a ten to one missile superiority over the Russians, so of course they were alarmed. But the worthless and treacherous MSM do not tell you that story. The MSM also glossed over Kennedy’s utter betrayal of brave men in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Not to mention his stupid weakness displayed to Khrushchev brought the world close to nuclear extinction, we were very, very close. So much for style and a debonair manner, Khrushchev was not impressed by Camelot.

Nor does the MSM tell the story of the Kennedy brothers passing around a dysfunctional and suicidal Marilyn Monroe for their carnal pleasures. These were evil men, no matter what the complicit MSM says about them. The same MSM that watched millions die under Stalin and did not report these things to the world, even though the NYT and their star reporter of the 20’s and 30’s Walter Duranty knew about these atrocities, their sympathy to Russian Communism trumped their duty to report the truth. For this reason I damn before God the NYT, they will answer for this and many other crimes.

So Kennedy is assassinated and Johnson comes on board. Johnson is like an idealistic young girl, foisting the great society upon America, which turned out to be an utter failure and ensured the accelerating destruction of the black families in America. He was also an incompetent boob in the handling of the Vietnam War which seems to have done far more damage to America than all the bombs dropped on the jungles of Vietnam.

We have the interlude of Nixon, a man despised by the Left for his earlier stands against communism and subsequently destroyed for the same things all his Democratic predecessors practiced with a vengeance.

Ford is just an intermission and job security for the one dimensional Chevy Chase.

Then we get Carter, a bumbling and awkward idiot of a man, with no comprehension of just about anything. His miserable handling of Iran gives us an implacable enemy both the U.S. and Israel must deal with at some time or face catastrophic consequences. Carter was perhaps still a twenty something in his actions, but a very stupid twenty something. Carter is someone who I think stopped in his intellectual and emotional growth about his first year in college. His later subsequent sucking up to every tyrant in the earth bespeaks to me of some psychological need, perhaps a Daddy issue or something. He could be a lifetime project for some enterprising Psychologist.

Reagan comes along and we actually have an adult for awhile. I remember how the media painted him as a script reading B movie actor, something between a moron and an idiot. But years later Reagan’s letters are published and what do we find out? Reagan was brilliant, a man of deep thoughts with a breadth of knowledge and an ability to relate to people from all different levels and even ages. Not to mention an economic boom that lasted well past even Bush I, a revitalized military and some restraint (but not much) of government growth. Of course he was universally hated by the infant class of liberals, and despised by the MSM.

We then get Bush 1, another adult, but dull in comparison to Reagan, a man without his own ideas, pretty much a bureaucrat, a technician. He is beat by Clinton the narcissist. Clinton is the full blown teenager, cruising for chicks in the Oval Office (“Better put some ice on that,” he says to Juanita Broderick after raping her and fattening her lip because she was fighting him.”) Not a feminist in sight among the discarded and abused women at Bill’s feet.

We almost get Gore who is a child with a pouty countenance and balled up fists, yelling out how he will “fight for us.” All of these men have one thing in common, it is all about THEM! Kerry is the same, a self-promoting liar; a man that took a video camera with him to war to film himself in heroic poses after battle engagements. (Who the hell plans like that)? A man that marries into money twice, does anyone think there is love between this man and the Ketchup Queen? Was/is there any between Bill and Hillary? These are medieval marriages for convenience and political power only.

We get Bush II, another unimaginative Bush, at least he tries to fight radical Islam a true enemy to all Western Civilization, but the problem is he does not know how to articulate what is a true and deadly danger, I doubt if he really understands it to the spiritual depths of the evil this has been on the earth since Mohammed received his “revelation,” in a fit of demonic possession. Mohammed is a murderer, and pedophile, how the hell can anyone still sane follow the disturbed drivel this man wrote down?

Finally we come to the election of Obama. The Democrats can not give us someone regressed more than Al Gore else he would be a fetus in the womb. Instead the electorate has itself regressed to belief in the message from a Purple Dinosaur. (I love you, you love me, and we are just one big family)…sorry I am back I had to go throw up. Yep liberal schools and pop culture have succeeded in creating a generation, mostly those under 30 who think in bumper sticker slogans, if they think at all, and group-think, multiculturalism instilled from the crib by Sesame Street and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. If you want to be really frightened watch Jay Leno’s man in the street interviews; you will be surprised these people can feed themselves.

Perhaps if things go the way history would dictate (fortunately God is above history and human plans) future historians would write of the 2,000 years of dark ages that befell a technologically advanced civilization all because the leading nation and defender of human freedom began believing in the message of a Purple Dinosaur. Perhaps future archeologists would scour the earth looking for Purple Dinosaur bones.

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