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THE 300

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daniel's Statue Part II

We last left our statue at the destruction of the chest of silver representing the ancient kingdom of Media-Persia). Since I wrote that paper I was watching the movie Charlie Wilson’s War, which depicted the involvement of an American congressman, and ultimately other members of congress to supply weapons to the Mujahedeen to bring down Soviet Helicopters, and destroy Soviet armor. Without knowing some of the details that were revealed in that movie I mentioned that the current great nations of this and the last century by their actions setup for themselves the next level or cycle of divine judgment, our actions come back upon us in unforeseen ways.

The movie has a scene whereby the Maryland congressman Doc Long, who is the Chairman of the United States House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, which controls the funds the Afghanistan fighters need, this congressman is taken to Afghanistan by Charlie Wilson and he is moved by the suffering of the people from Soviet gunships and mines disguised as toys and candy (many little children with missing limbs). He relates to the oppressed people there and while giving a speech mentions that his son was wounded while fighting the communists in Vietnam who were supplied by the Russians.

You can see in the movie the seeds of what the Soviets planted in their joyous opposition to America in Vietnam, now come to fruition with Americans returning the favor. And at the same time you can see the seeds America is then planting in Afghanistan which will eventually sprout and mature and be harvested on Sept 11, 2001. Amazing! While Congressman Doc Long is speaking the people are shouting Allah Akbar, the same cry the 911 Hijackers shouted as they flew the planes into the World Trade Center towers.

And now this Doc Long is the one with the authority to release the funds that bought the weapons that defeated the Russians in Afghanistan. He is actually the only man in the American political system that could pull this trigger. An astounding fulfillment of the law of harvest that God uses to bring judgment, and more particularly in our case it has been an ongoing force in the depiction of the stone cut out of the mountain without hands that we know was released prophetically, yet its physical working is the accumulated and multiplied mistreatment of mankind to one another, metaphorically displayed by the construct of this statue representing the governments of man.

It is remarkable that the greatest cruelty of man to one another is unleashed and multiplied by governments of man, thinking that if we create something so much larger than ourselves that then gives us permission to divest ourselves of morality on an individual level. This is why utopians are the most deadly and dangerous of all human beings. They will not channel their compassion or morality on an individual level, one upon one. To them they must have a vehicle, the State, that will amplify their goodness (they assume they are good) and enforce it upon others in mass. They are unwilling to receive an individual personal morality which only comes by suffering into their own hearts from God, an act that takes a purposeful humility, but they must impose a morality upon others writ large using the projection screen of the State, as if largeness, loudness, and force will finally convince them that they are truly good, truly compassionate. As if outward grandiose displays confirm they are the possessors of an inwardly worked and Godly righteousness.

This is the reverse of morality and the dead end of self-righteousness, the final result of man rejecting an absolute morality from God. History makes it apparent this is a monumental failure, an ever growing and deadly lie, now culminating in divine judgment upon this idol and construct of man. God’s hatred is certainly against this abomination; the violence of the destruction of this statue is inexorable and will not be delayed.

God will lay low Presidents and Kings and put his vessels, no matter how lowly, into positions of authority to see this purpose accomplished. There must be a Holy indignation and weariness with this vast cruelty over the ages. This destruction of human beings by these invented, yet strangely alive beasts of the governance of man. What tortures have they invented? What oppression and slavery have they sponsored? What madness revealed by the depredations upon human beings by mad Emperors and Czars, by Satanically ambitious men and woman driven to rule over others, the inventions of instruments of torture to terrorize the multitudes, the enslavement of others to increase wealth and luxury for the few, what a miserable history we have with only a glimpse of light here and there through the ages.

The first Gulf War began with Air Assaults on January 17th, 1991. On the same day King Olav V of Norway died. King Olav V was the oldest reigning Monarch in the earth. Certainly his death was a signal that now was the time for the head of gold to be crushed, as the head of gold represents our oldest kingdom in Daniel’s statue.

The ground invasion begins on Feb 23, 1991 and ends on Feb 27, 1991. Bush I announces on Feb 27 that the cease fire will begin Feb 28, 1991. Iraq has accepted all U.N. Resolutions. The ground war lasted 5 days. This war sets many records, certainly one of the fastest wars. It also has the approval of every nation on earth except Jordan and Yemen. In a sense practically all the nations in the earth are in agreement with this attack on Saddam’s Iraq, the head of gold, ancient Babylon in our vision.

Now here is where it gets interesting in that Bush I, listens to his advisors and stops short of invading Baghdad and deposing Saddam Hussein. This was done under the excuse that the U.N. mandate did not give permission to depose Saddam, however this is nonsense, we had already invaded Iraq and destroyed their military power, Saddam was the central cause of all this trouble, we did not complete the mission because of Political Correctness, as many, and most importantly, Colin Powel, was worried about world opinion because of the total destruction of Iraqi troops along what was being called the highway of death from Kuwait to Baghdad.

This refusal to conquer Iraq and depose Saddam created terrible problems for Arabs in the south of Iraq, and the Kurds in the north of Iraq, who had believed, and had been told, that America was committed and we had even encouraged them to rebel against Saddam, which they did. But when America stopped and withdrew, instead these people were slaughtered by the thousands. Saddam even drained the swamps in the south (one of the great ecological disasters in history, and where was the worldwide protests?) to persecute the marsh Arabs. One British reporter recounts how Saddam had the people from one Arab village rounded up and laid down on the road and they asphalted over those people while they were still alive.

He also gassed the Kurds in the north and filled his prisons and filled mass graves with political opponents, or anyone that resisted his rule. This is the time of rape rooms, of the children of his opponents tortured and imprisoned (Our marines freed some of these children in the second Gulf War) this can be laid at the feet of Bush I. Damn Kings and Presidents when they obey man, and political correctness instead of God. No wonder that Bush I went from an unheard of 95% approval rating to being defeated by an unknown governor from Arkansas just one year later.

I will recount a few stories of this time for all those that protest that we should not have gone into Iraq in 2003. Saddam had a room created which had a multitude of pipes running in all directions across the top of the room. A naked prisoner who had incurred the wrath of this maniac would be put into this room and in a random manner sulfuric acid would drip from pinholes in these pipes. The unfortunate victim would never know where the next drip was coming from or when. So huddled in this corner or that the poor individual would be tortured for days, when he finally fell asleep in exhaustion, here would come another drip of acid to awaken him in screaming agony.

Saddam’s two sons delighted in feeding those that displeased them feet first into industrial shredders; they liked to put them in feet first as they enjoyed the screaming until the shredder reached vital organs. Saddam’s two sons would also randomly pick up women from the streets of Baghdad and rape whoever they willed; many were killed after these two monsters were finished. One of the ways Saddam used to destroy his enemies is to take any who had a young daughter and have his goons rape the little girl to death right in front of the parents, before he killed the parents. This is darkness nearly incomprehensible to the Western mind. Yet the spoiled children of a materialist West cared nothing for these atrocities, but were enraged by what amounted to three months of fraternity level hazing, except in a few cases, of prisoners taken in battle and incarcerated in Abu Gharib prison by some out of control and unattended American military prison guards of low intelligence and lower morals. And unlike anything in the Islamic world, once the abuse was discovered, America prosecuted and jailed these miscreants.

According to the French academic Dominique ReyniƩ, between January 3 and April 12, 2003, 36 million people across the globe took part in almost 3,000 protests against the Iraq war. This is amazing that a world that cared nothing for a suffering Iraq for decades is now organized and outraged that America and a few allies are going to war to depose one of the most brutal and murderous tyrants of human history. It is evidence that there must be an organizing principle at work here beyond human intelligence, something that is so violently opposed to this course of events that a breathtaking hypocrisy by humanity is hardly noticed.

And later we find the documents in Iraq that the three nations with the most vociferous opposition from their political leaders against this invasion were all enriching themselves via the Oil for Food U.N. orchestrated scam with Saddam Hussein; that being Russia’s Putin, France’s Chirac, and Germany’s Schroeder. What a monumental disgrace, this was the largest financial scam in human history, aided and abetted by Kojo Annan, the son of the General Secretary of the U.N. Kofi Annan.

Papers such as the New York Times that ran over 37 above the fold stories on page one about Abu Gharib could hardly be bothered about that scandal other than to minimize the actors and the nations that were involved. They were too busy being the choral conductor for what later became Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). It goes almost beyond belief that the political Left was at this time praising the sophistication of Europe, and the European tradition of appeasement of dictators, while castigating Bush as an unintelligent cowboy.

From these above actions we can see that a great deception is upon mankind and a real fear is shown by the spiritual powers that have ruled the earth. They do not want this completion, the final crushing of the head of Gold of Daniel’s statue. Already one American President’s legacy was destroyed on this rock, and America was led by a venal narcissist for eight years, a scriptural judgment for a nation as the Bible says God places “capricious children” in authority over disobedient nations. You cannot sum up the character of Bill Clinton better. Even if the Left thinks his Presidency was an unprecedented time for America, in God’s view it was part of a judgment. And it is a historical fact that the groundwork for 911 was laid during the Clinton years of treating terrorism as if it is a domestic crime, something to be pursued in the courts.

And it is not a coincidence that another Biblical principle comes into focus with the election of George W. Bush in 2000 in that God brings back the son to finish what was originally commanded to be done by the father. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying George Bush the father heard from God like prophets of old, yet he had a commissioning to end the rule of Saddam Hussein and complete the cycle of the crushing of the Head of Gold. Any sane human being with the power to end such a terrible tyranny as that of Saddam Hussein and then seemingly by divine fiat given the circumstances, the excuse, and the backing of almost the entire world to then not act upon this is a man unwilling to listen to God in his conscious, or so afraid of public opinion he is rendered impotent and ultimately disobedient to divine influence.

But the purpose of God is not thwarted, not ever in all of history, it can be delayed by the disobedience of man, but God will simply up the anti. So all the circumstances were aligned to bring down Saddam Hussein in 1991, and if George Bush I had done what was divinely commanded the recent history of America would have been different. Instead America is put to sleep for a while. Enjoying the “peace dividend,” and unprecedented prosperity, all is well, can’t be better. Except for the lack of morality of our President and the phony dot com economy which begins to collapse during the last years of the Clinton Presidency, all seems well.

Yet we can now look back and see America is being set up for a fall. We do nothing about our dependence on foreign oil (Read Islamic or Russian controlled oil). We ignore the threat of growing world wide Islamic Jihad, heck that is Israel’s problem. We interfere via Bill Clinton in the election process in Israel to secure a government there that is more willing to negotiate away land for peace, and win back for ourselves a most bitter election in 2000, one that sows the seeds of political hatred that is still in the process of maturing for harvest.

Then comes 911, another window opens for America to execute divine judgment, and Bush II goes through that window, but awkwardly, without the overabundance of favorable circumstances that were presented to his father, that time is past, this will now be a hard task to accomplish, not that Bush II or the military planners thought so at the time. And I think Bush II sowed the seeds of some of the resistance to himself in that he did not emphasize the moral imperative to depose Saddam, instead he and his handlers went the cynical route of appealing to American’s self interest and emphasizing the belief of finding Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Bush would have been better served to emphasize the brutal tyranny of Saddam over his people as the primary reason to depose Saddam. Instead it was all a bet on finding WMD in Iraq. If the moral reasons were emphasized, first it is something that I believe God would honor, as that is what is in God’s heart, to deliver the oppressed, unless I have misread the Bible. Secondly there was an abundance of witnesses and evidence of Saddam’s brutality that could have been paraded to the world and media that would have put them on the defensive, in that how do you argue to NOT free people from torture and oppression? Thirdly, if you do not find WMD, it is not as important, because you did not emphasize this as the primary reason for deposing Saddam.

It is my belief that even if WMD were found, Bush would have still been hated, this is not a hatred based on reason, but upon spiritual deception orchestrated by the spiritual powers (fallen angels) that want to continue to rule humanity.

The invasion of Iraq starts on March 20 2003 and American troops are in Baghdad on May 1, 2003. This invasion phase took 43 days, an amazing coincidence, as the entire Gulf War in 1991 took just 43 days. It is a set piece to remind those that are inquiring that the original purpose of God was for this war to take 43 days. But after the invasion the real suffering and work begins, now it will not be an easy task and this war will extend for years not days.

Thousands of Americans will lose their lives and many thousands will be maimed and wounded, not to mention the tens of thousands of Iraqis that will lose their lives in bombings and mayhem, Moslems, killing Moslems. For it was during the 12 years and 20 days between the end of the first Gulf war and the beginning of the second Gulf or Iraq war that Saddam’s plans for invasion were laid. The training for resistance, the stockpiling of huge supplies of explosives and guns, all coming back to haunt the invading army that would have not suffered even a fraction of this mayhem if Saddam had been taken down when God had commanded this to be done.

If there is any doubt that this was the purpose we can look at the numbers involved. The number 43 is prominent in both wars. 43 days for the totality of the first Iraq war. 43 days for the invasion of Iraq in the second Iraq war. We can see that the time from the end of the first Iraq war to the beginning of the second Iraq war is 12 years and 20 days. These are all significant Biblical numbers according to E.F. Bullinger’s Number in Scripture

The number 12 in scripture concerns governmental perfection. The number 20 relates to expectancy, or a period of waiting. So the 12 years and twenty days between these two wars is concerned with the perfection of divine government, yet there is delay, there is some expectant waiting. This directly relates to the stone cut out of the mountain without hands (which represents the Government or “Kingdom” of God on this earth).

We can see that finally crushing the head of gold is finishing “mystically,” the reign of the government(s) of man and that the governance is switching at that time to God, or I think what might be more exact, that the influence upon the affairs and governance of man will be from a prophetic level. For a while the image of that statue might remain in the consciousness of humanity, but its power is broken, man will be ruled by the prophetic word in the mouths of those given to God; those that have been tried in the fire of God, those that have been humbled by suffering.
The number 43 is the combination of 40 which represents a period of probation, trial, and chastisement—(not judgment, like the number 9, which stands in connection with the punishment of enemies, but the chastisement of sons, and of a covenant people).

This is fascinating because only two nations on the earth are covenant nations, Israel and America. And even more specifically within these two nations are people that have real walks with God and are being chastised as sons.

The number 3 in Bullinger’s words: Three, therefore, stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. All things that are especially complete are stamped with this number three. God's attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. There are three great divisions completing time--past, present, and future. Three persons, in grammar, express and include all the relationships of mankind. Thought, word, and deed, complete the sum of human capability. Three degrees of comparison complete our knowledge of qualities. The simplest proposition requires three things to complete it; viz., the subject, the predicate, and the copula. Three propositions are necessary to complete the simplest form of argument--the major premise, the minor, and the conclusion.

It would seem this number 43 given such significance in the last act of the crushing of Daniel’s image in the combined meaning of 40 and 3 is the completion of the chastisement and preparation of the sons of God to rule on this earth, not just ideologically or mystically, but in a way that will have a full physical impact upon this earth.

No wonder the forces of Satan have raged at the completion of the destruction of the head of Gold in Daniel’s statue. No wonder the blind and nearly universal deception on the earth and the hatred toward one man (George W. Bush) who was simply an imperfect instrument in accomplishing this task. And coupled with that hatred of the man, the hatred of the principle country that was used to accomplish this task, even by those that have lived in this country and been blessed exceedingly. Can anyone point to any of these people who protest so much whose personal lives have been touched even one iota by the policies of Bush or this nation in pursuing this goal?

Hollywood puts out movie after move depicting anything related to the war on terror or the war in Iraq as either crazed troops or depraved intelligence operatives from America torturing and oppressing wonderful Muslim people, when the truth is that 25 million oppressed people were given the opportunity via American blood and treasure to enjoy the vote even at the risk of their lives, something taken as a given in America, and thought by many on the Left as too onerous a task, unless you can register without ID, or at the DMV, or if you could just simply hit a button on your remote to vote for the next entitlement.

All the actors and directors and producers go from rich to richer, yet they howl as if they are being oppressed by Jack-booted thugs, although they have not lost one personal freedom, nor have they again been attacked by Islamic thugs. Yet the greatest attack on American soil has not produced one positive major American movie depicting the bravery and sacrifice of our troops, or any realistic treatment of Islamic fundamentalism.

Indeed they have taken books that depicted Islamic terrorism, and made movies where the villains become neo-Nazis, or albinos. Hollywood and our own media have given us one of the greatest displays of cowardice in human history. Charles Martel must be turning over in his grave.


Babak said...

Big Big mistake, Media is not referring to Afganistan. It refers to Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.

Jehu said...


Thanks for checking that. I had an old obscure reference for Media. I researched and found that depending on the source Media was Northwest or Northeast present day Iran. I edited the papers to reflect that info. Did not alter the actual story, as Afghanistan and Iran comprised the center of the ancient Persian Empire.