THE 300

THE 300

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Die America, Just Die!

I recently had a conversation with an Obama kool aid drinker that went something like this:

“You just don’t want any of these changes because you don’t like Obama (At least he did not use the race card).”

To which I responded. “No I hate Obama because of what he is doing to America, you do not, as the President of the United States, go to other countries and demean America, not if you want my support for anything.”

This conversation served to crystallize for me the dynamic of what is going on in the world and with the American Left. Essentially all the world (except Israel) hates America, as well as the American Left. Why? One thing that obscures what is going on here is that many times this hatred of America is posed in racial terms. That America was founded by a bunch of old, now dead, white men, and so just for that reason alone America is hated. This viewpoint is taught by the American Left (primarily a bunch of white guys, fairly old, but who are not dead yet).

You will find this hating of white America among such groups as La Raza (The Race) who preaches that the American southwest was stolen from its rightful owners via the treaty of Hidalgo in 1848 and it shall be returned to the Mexican people one way or the other. They have a saying that they did not cross the border (illegally) but the border was moved illegally.

Or you have the European viewpoint that non-Leftist Americans are unsophisticated, dumb, and sometimes dangerous. We are viewed as rambunctious bumbling large puppies that you have to watch lest they tip over your Tiffany lamp. Thus the “Bush is a stupid cowboy,” meme. Reagan was thought of in the same terms. You will note that pathetic and ineffectual American leaders are always beloved by the world. They loved Clinton, especially Africans. Yet Clinton did nothing for Africans slaughtering each other by the hundreds of thousands. Still he was celebrated as the “First black President.” I guess Obama is actually the second black President, so why all the historical hysteria? I get it, the Left was just kidding and substituting until they found the real thing.

Perhaps the Left makes up its reasons for Hero worship as it goes along. Forget for a moment that this arrogant viewpoint comes from a Europe that made fortunes in the largest money laundering scheme in world history, the “U.N. Oil for Food,” scheme where the Presidents of France, Germany, and Russia enriched themselves by propping up Saddam.

Who cares about the people thrown into industrial shredders in the meantime? Or the little kids raped by Saddam’s goons, this done in front of their parents that had the gall to disagree with Saddam. That is the way of the world, who are these Americans to upset the money making apple cart? But now the world can sleep easy with their guilty conscience one of their own is President of America. How eager he has been to wag his tail like a good tame little puppy to all these filthy dictators. He needs to show them there is no danger from America, we will not interfere in their inhumanity to man. In fact we will begin Kabuki theater show trials for the men responsible for harsh interrogation of terrorists, just to show the world we have changed, we have knuckled under to become just another corrupt, amoral, utterly narcissistic group of people (remember that is all a nation is...a group of people) on the earth. Let the games begin!

So dispense with all the excuses, all the squid ink squirting obfuscation of the reasons the world hates America and you have the base reason for this hatred. And the determination among nations and our own Left to destroy the America that exists, and to replace it with something “normal.” The reason is very simple and basic to human nature. That is jealousy, pure and simple. It is an unarguable fact that the American system of republican self-governance, coupled with the capitalistic economic system has been the most successful model of human governance in history. It allowed this nation to build a middle class that is the miracle of the modern world. It allowed the free flow of goods and ideas and risk taking to build that middle class.

Even though we have poor among us, they are not static, look five years later at those poor and a large percentage of them are no longer poor. Only stupid and immoral behavior locks people into poverty in America. The number one cause of poverty in America is unwed mothers who stay unwed, and keep having fatherless kids. That behavior guarantees you will remain in poverty, your kids will be subject to predatory gangs, and the cycle will repeat. That is not a failure of the state, but a failure of morality.

America must be hated by the world because as long as she exists as this free society she is a reminder to all people in the world, no matter what race, what nation, no matter the culture, that there is a better way, there is the possibility you can reach undreamed of heights, you can fulfill your God given talents. When Mexicans flood to America it has two messages, first it tells of a failed state, a failed system, a failed culture in their own country. The second message is America is better!

But human jealousy, pride and resentment will not examine the cause of failure in its own culture, it must then, even while living in that successful culture, seek to elevate a corrupt and failed culture by demeaning the one that now shelters them. Thus the militant and utterly stupid viewpoint of groups like La Raza as human pride demands this response, gratitude only comes from a heart that loves God.

Thus our American Left hates America because it is already a Utopian ideal, at least an actual workable one without throwing those that disagree into re-education camps. This is an outrage to the pseudo-intellectuals that fill the Left like methane fills a cow’s gut. Why? Because the America model is unarguably the outcome of centuries of Judeo-Christian influence and thought, it is the result of accepting the teachings, observations, and wisdom of both the Old and New Testaments. It is the outworking in human history of the Sermon on the Mount.

Is it the Kingdom of God? No and yes. It is a “Shinning City on a Hill.” It is the expression of the hopes and dreams of all human beings that thirst for freedom, that seek liberty. It is a political expression of spiritual principles, and this cannot be tolerated by the Left whose natural instinct toward atheism and a real deep seated hatred of God cannot have this historical HUGE reality in their face every day of their lives. Better to align with all the dark and hateful forces in the world to destroy this insult to their hatred of God and desire to be unbounded by any morality. To them freedom is anarchy of soul and spirit, to them the rule of demons is preferable to obedience to angels.

We are seeing the culmination of human history, it has the look and feel lately of something out of the Lord of the Rings where an enormous army of monsters and the undead are being summoned. They have gathered together to smash this last remnant of men, to extinguish America, to destroy the very idea of America, to wipe this insult, this ever living rebuke to their reprobate consciences off the face of the earth, the hatred is go great they will pour the gasoline, and light the match even while living in the house. But the men that remain must be enough to win this day, this is real, this is happening, this is the last battles of mankind.

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