THE 300

THE 300

Saturday, July 17, 2010


One of the most beautiful and moving passages in the Bible is from Isaiah 59:14

And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

Many of us go to our favorite websites and we will find those of similar mind, who write on today's topics and political maneuverings by the elites. We catalog the ongoing disaster of the destruction of the American economy, of public discourse, of a failing political system. No one knows how this might end, perhaps a rescue this November, to replace one political party with another, and perhaps a slow , yet quickening undoing via astronomical debt.

However it seems the damage is too great. Many point out the deficit is now about 13 trillion, which is simply a number that is impossible to be grasped by anyone but mathematicians. The actual unfunded public debt is well over 125 trillion. That includes state and local governments, with their state pension funds for government unions, and medicare and social security. I am not even adding the cost of the new Health Care System. 125 trillion dollars? That is the GDP of the current United states over 7 years.

In other words if we took the total output of the United States for about 7.5 years and did nothing else we could then pay this debt. That means nobody buys food, clothing, houses, gas, utilities, education, nothing, we just pay off this debt. This all starts coming due in about 5 years and continues. We already see this beginning at State levels, several states are running multi-billion dollar deficits, as if America now includes several States that are nothing but duplications of broke European Socialist States.

High unemployment is a characteristic of socialist states, and the Obama administration's actions are locking in permanent high unemployment, even his gaffe-machine VP Joe Biden said just a few weeks ago that we have lost 8 million jobs, and “they will not be coming back.” It was George Washington that said, “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.”

We are in that period right now, our elected officials are looting the treasury, the future of the United States. To me it looks like a group madness has descended on our Harvard trained leaders. The printing presses must be smoking to print the amount of money we are spending, all with little or no noticeable results, other than Washington D.C. Has now become the city of the greatest concentration of wealth in America. It also has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation.

Now we have our talking heads that take notice here and there, but commentators like middle of the road Bill O'Reilly act like this is a small temporary excursion to the Left. Or the MSM does not mention anything at all, no investigation into Russian spies that were rushed out of the country faster than Obama could get to another round of golf.

Do you remember the old Monday Night Football, with Don Meredith, Howard Cosell, and Frank Giffords? When you had a one-sided blowout, and Don Meredith would say the “wheels are coming off of the losing team.” Then he would start singing: “Turn out the lights the party is over.”

No we are not just experiencing a speed bump pushing the car to the Left, we are experiencing the cumulative judgments upon our nation for allowing secular humanists to hijack our institutions, our schools, banks, and levers of political power. This is not just an aberration, these people, come on somebody say it, it is what we all search the blogs or T.V. Cable news shows to hear, these people are crazy!

They have been driven mad by a godless vision of utopia, they think it is in sight and they are throwing all caution to the wind, all the decades of slow inch-worm invasion of public life, now they have a desperate, nearly demon-driven go for it all now mentality. They do not even care if you see this happening right in front of your eyes. They do not care or notice that your kids and grand-kids, will be damned to a life less prosperous, with far less freedom, with far fewer choices, with public institutions hostile to a Godly viewpoint, hostile to Christianity, hostile to a wholesome American attitude.

Test me on this; could you have imagined on say October 2001, that by July 2010 private citizens would be protesting the building of a victory Mosque at ground zero? That ground zero would still be a hole in the ground? That state and local government is siding with the victory Mosque builders? When at the height of our last depression America still built the Empire State building in 18 months. Instead we fight layers of bureaucracy that side with our announced and explicit enemies.

And yes Islam is an enemy to anyone that loves freedom. Unless you are so utterly delusional you think we can coexist with this darkness. If you do then you are already lost, God allows such darkness in the earth to see if human souls agree with that darkens. You can try and justify it with the first amendment, but down inside you know, and God knows, nothing written by man can justify such darkness, such misery, such slavery. Even if you are neutral, you allow the darkness to spread. Your refusal to judge IS judgment, for you have exonerated the criminal.

From that October 2001 viewpoint, could you believe that now in 2010 NASA would be tasked to provide self-esteem outreach to Muslims? That the U.S. Government that has done NOTHING about rampant illegal immigration would be suing a state that out of self defense is trying to enforce nothing more than the Federal Immigration Statutes?

That our Federal government has ordered its officials not mention “Terrorism,” and “Islam” in the same sentence? That our Homeland Security Czar can tell us with a straight face after a crazed Islamic Terrorist tried to blow up a plane on Christmas day with chemically treated underwear, that the system worked? That the mayor of NYC would eagerly pronounce that it it was probably some right-wing extremist that tried to blow up people in Times Square, only to find out what us who are still sane already knew, that this would be found to be tied to (pssst) ISLAM!

That our security on that plane only worked because a Dutch tourist jumped the bad guy? A sick Islamist whose father warned out security people that his son was a crazy Islamist Jihadist.

And political correctness run amok allowed (pssst) another Islamic asshole, I mean jihadist, to gun down 12 and wound 31 at Ft. Hood. A man known to be unstable and breathing Islamic threats for years. If there was any honor in our leadership some heads should have rolled, and their own heads should have been the first, but these men have no honor, they take responsibility for nothing.

Meanwhile Sanctuary Cities that are in violation of Federal Immigration Laws, are boycotting Arizona that is trying to enforce immigration law that the State wrote because the federal government refuses to secure out southern border. Instead pretending this is all a question of racial profiling, as if Mexicans have a right to be here...well, because they are Mexican. This is CRAZY! Nobody seems to care that thousands of Mexicans have died horrible deaths trying to cross the border in one of the hottest deserts in the world; yet all the while cry about Arizona questioning someone's legal status, maybe because they are pulled over for speeding and they have no drivers license, no identification and cannot speak a lick of English. ARE YOU CRAZY out there?

This is the truth people need to speak: we need to speak to each other in words that will wake us from this death slumber, we are in trouble folks, real trouble. We cannot speak any longer in unemotional quiet tones, we are losing the greatest nation ever raised up by God. A God that gave us great men at our founding, and sometimes great men at our most desperate hour. Now the jackals are at our throats, they are even more desperate rapacious tyrants than ever our founders faced in the English King and Lords. Because these come from our midst, they disguise themselves as you and me, as Americans. But Americans they are not, they do not love freedom or liberty, neither their own or ours.

Ask yourself a few questions. How can we have a congress that is now passing bills that are thousands of pages long. Even the leaders of congress say of their Bills, “We have to pass it first, to see what is in it.” ARE YOU CRAZY! ? Is anyone noticing this is insane, not just a political act, or legislation in action, this is clinically insane, and they are running the country. How about the Obama-Care Bill? When did we allow ourselves to have a Congress that has passed a corrupt health-system destroying bill, yet at the same time they are not subject to that Bill? Congress maintains their gold-plated, best in the world health care for life. When did we elect Kings? When did that happen?

When did we get a justice department that will not prosecute people if they are black, but clearly intimidated voters at a polling place in Pennsylvania? When did we elect a government that can nationalize whole industries at a whim. When did we decide to give the President powers to appoint unelected Czars? We have more Czars now than Russia had in all its history. Pray America, start praying, and in your praying, ask God, “what then do you want ME to do?” For if we do not arise and save this nation for the future we will stand before God and our founding fathers will damn us before God, they will not even have to damn us, their blood will cry out from the ground and bear witness against us. And to us they will repeat Isaiah 59:14, For truth has stumbled in the street. Let it not be so, let us love the truth, plainly spoken, once again.


Anonymous said...

Just a "Hello" from France. I googled 300 & islam and i came to your site, lol. My post just to confirm what i understood through your article : Yes, "they" are crazy. And let me add this : even here, in France, more and more, we say the same ! And we know that our very next neighbours (italian, german, spanish) say the same, about debt, about "elites", about "islam", about the lack of equity. And about the fact that something wrong is approaching very fast, and nobody really kbnows how to ride this mustang. It seems like we are experimenting the kind of social blindness that the ancient Greeks experimented too. Probably due to the popular "boom of science", allowing many people to invent cheap prophecies and to make them real instantly (easy feeling of power).. like a game but such at an invisible cost !! Everything that is spent here is connected to something destroyed elsewhere (or elsewhen!) ; but while it remains invisible and confortable, it's like it doesn't exist or that you can't prove it to the guys tough enough who could say *ahem* «Stop!». This is a kind of struggle for life, isnt'it ?

Keep faith anyway, Mr Jehu ;)

(and sry for my poor english)

Anonymous said...