THE 300

THE 300

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Trumpet Call

I am taking my lightly read blog in a new direction. For quite a while I cannot find exactly what I want on other blogs. I am somewhat weary of political discussions without any sense of real change or the setting aright so many things that are wrong. I find it is like eating sawdust, filling but not nourishing. In part it is because as mature Christians we are to be aware of what is taking place in the world, but not really a part of those processes. If you are following the current political contests you will find on the Republican side a compete dissatisfaction with the candidates. I do not even address the Left side of the isle as I consider liberal politics to be the playing field of reprobate minds. Just look at the idiotic confusion and rebellion without a clue of the Occupy Wall Street Protestors.

To be honest we are in deep trouble here in America and in the Western world. Our current President boasts in “leading from behind.” That has resulted in the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, with the beginnings of a radical Islamic state and the murder of Coptic Christians. We are leaving Iraq, and the persecution of Christians, already begun, will worsen. So the blood of Christian men and women was shed so Islamic Jihadists can establish Sharia law and imprison, torture and murder Christians at will, meanwhile American Christianity yawns.

We are too busy participating in a degraded popular culture, surfing the net for porn, and watching movies that are nothing more than a vehicle to blaspheme the name of Jesus. Just go to nearly any movie and count how many times Jesus Christ is used for a cuss-word. Do not think it is OK, that God is ignoring the defamation of the name of His son. The blessing that has been on America is lifting, we are vulnerable to attack and the destruction of our economic system. What did Americans and particularly American Christians think they were voting for in Obama? A man that sat in a Church for twenty years where the pastor cursed America. Any Christian that voted for Obama needs to repent, or do you think there is no sin for your political choices? Or do you think the followers of Stalin, Mao, or Hitler will stand innocent before God?

I am asking those with prophetic insight to seek what you should do. It is time for American Christians to stop being so passive and to exert their enormous unused power and authority to see a new direction in this country. It is so bad that if American churches spent a complete year in repentance and grief for what we have become, it would only be a start. Next time you are watching a T.V. show and their favorite cuss-word is “Jesus,” then write down the names of the producer, director, and writer, and the actor uttering the blaspheme, note the sponsors. Then write the station, the principal miscreants and the sponsors and that as a Christian you will not be watching their show, or any show or movie they are involved in, and you will not be buying any products advertised on their show.

Can you imagine if these bold and courageous artists did the same with Islam? No, because they are actually cowards and they fear reprisals from Islam, but they fear nothing from Christianity. Now Islam is evil, and the actions it induces in its followers are violent and evil. I am never advocating that sort of response. But a response of free-will. Hollywood is free to produce what they want, and we are free to stay away and not purchase their products. In addition you should prophesy (or pray if that is what you know) for the careers of all that blaspheme the name of the Lord be destroyed. Is that harsh? No it is not, there should be a price for this arrogance and cowardice and when it is seen what happens to those that walk this path, then men will learn to fear the Lord.

Not by our hand, but directly by the hand of the Lord. Remember what Paul did in the book of Acts 13: 6-17. When an evil man tried to block the delivery of the Gospel to a Roman leader on the island of Paphos, Paul cursed him and he was blinded. Those that are trying to make Christ a common epithet should know the power of God. But as Christians if you keep doing nothing, saying nothing, in some way you have abdicated your authority on this earth to a sense you are saying it is OK, and what do we expect? After all the world is a bad place. We should do this for every area that we see has been taken over by evil and false doctrines. All of us can participate...see my writing in the sidebar in the Prophetic Corner. Want to blog about something, but not to complain but to offer prophetic action and insight? Then write me; my email is at the Prophetic Corner. I have particular interests and great lies to come against to bring down, such as Darwin's Evolution, but others of you are experts about other great lies, such as Communism or Socialism, Secular Humanism, Modern Education, Liberalism, Islam and other false religions. Remember Gideon's men broke clay pictures that disguised torches in the night and simultaneous blew trumpets. Trumpets are the Biblical symbol of prophecy. Even Gideon's victory was prophesied by his own enemies in the camp they attacked that night. I know we are small in number, but God will confound the world by a simple word that is believed and spoken by our mouths or written by our hands. Do you know how to pray? Then you are one small step from Prophecy, which is simply declarative prayer with a new viewpoint that you are not asking God for something, you are yielding to Him to speak through you, or did you think your groaning and grief for the evil of this time, for the destruction of America was just your idea? Just your feelings? Give yourself credit that some of your feelings come from God.

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William Cody Bateman said...

Excellent article! What a great affirmation for me personally too.

As a matter of fact, I am hiking across America, 5100 miles, and exhorting our young adults to rise up and shake off the lethargy that has so permeated the church and as well as the family.