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THE 300

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everything is Going as Planned

We are watching a continuation of a foreign policy begun by President Jimmy Carter where he enabled the overthrow of the Shah of Iran on January 16, 1979. Read the following link by author James Perloff Iran and the Shah To be sure the policy to abandon the Shah had its beginning with factions of our Foreign Policy elites such as Henry Kissinger, and Ted Kennedy. The thinking already rife within our State Department that human rights trumps all considerations finally culminated in weak support by Carter for the Shah during the Iranian Revolution, and outright propaganda against him by the American and British media.

You will find the same cast of characters that seem to still be players in the decimation of America today, if not the same individuals, then the same institutions. British Petroleum played a part in the downfall of the Shah, probably because the Shah had broken from 60 years of unfavorable oil deals with BP and Exxon, as well as Lehman Brothers in the person of George Ball a CFR member and a banker with Lehman Brothers, and former Under-Secretary of State. George Ball became the Iranian adviser to Jimmy Carter. Kissinger, by his own words, said he was influenced by Nelson Rockefeller more than any other person. The Rockefeller fortune was based on oil, so maybe there is a connection here by unthinking Utopian liberals and anger from oil interests.

Why is this important now? Because the Iranian revolution was the signal event for the rise of radical Islam. Iran was modernizing at a rapid pace before the revolution, within a few years it had once again sunk into the darkness that is Islam when it is allowed to rule without restraint. Actually ruling or not, Islam is all darkness, there is NO light in Islam.

From Iran has come the funding of Terrorist groups that attack Israel, that have destroyed Lebanon. Now we have the media and the purposely historically ignorant Obama administration and their slavish media all talking about the “Arab Spring.” Obama supported the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt with the almost certain result of a radicalized and Sharia-law compliant Egypt. We already see Christians being openly murdered in Egypt accompanied by resounding silence from our media and State Department. Now we see Libya and Tunisia will go Jihadist. And yet when a legitimate revolution began in Iran, Obama did not utter one word of support for those protestors.

So peculiarly the “Arab Spring,” the Obama administration and the media gush about is only a good thing when the Arab street throws off the restraint of dictators to only embrace the far greater restraint of an Islamic State. But nothing but crickets when the Iranian people were trying to throw off the brutal dictatorship of a radical Islamic regime.

Meanwhile the laughing Hyena of a Secretary of State finds it amusing to mock a GOP candidate for the Presidency with a foreign leader, Hamid Karzai, who is no friend of the U.S. How is that of any concern to a Secretary of State? When did the Democratic party become such an enemy to over 50% of the population of the United States, except back in the days of our Civil War? And now we find out a few days after this cackle-fest that Karzai will back Pakistan if it comes to conflict between the U.S. And Pakistan. So what is a few laughs among friends?

And now we have a world that begins to look like Apocalyptic visions from the Bible where the nations of the earth gather against Israel, being led by a Pied Piper in Obama. There is no attempt whatsoever to hide this agenda to destroy America, Christianity, and Judaism. During Obama's campaign he was caught speaking in contemptuous tones about ordinary Americans “Clinging to their Bibles and guns.” Something the media did their now regular Jedi mind-trick...”move along these are not the droids you are looking for.”

And we saw the Tea Party which has begun to change American Politics and force Congress to address the nearly fatal danger of run-amock government and spending. Yet the Left retailates with Occupy Wall Street protests that are now turning violent and riddled with crime. Yet the media portrays the Occupy Wall Street movement in a positive, nearly fawning light, yet cast pornographic epithets about the Tea Party movement. A movement of concerned Americans that was universally well-behaved and that only extolled the virtues of traditional American morals and ideals.

A dark picture indeed, yet the great paintings by Rembrandt were done with dark backgrounds to emphasize the foreground and subject of light. In keeping with the new direction of this blog, I make a prophecy that the darkness and the evil of the Left will grow geometrically so that those that love righteousness, and light, will no longer be deceived, but will see evil for what it is, and they will name that evil and turn from that evil. I am declaring by faith in God that the designs and desires of the Left will not come to fruition, but what they have done is being uncovered so that even fools will be aware of what is taking place.

I am going to prophecy that in the next ten years Americans will come to support traditional American values by at least 70% and we will see the final political death of Liberalism, Secular Humanism, and Political Correctness in our lifetimes.

Additionally I prophesy that American Blacks will begin to turn away from their support of the Democratic party, and within ten years that support will be down to 65% or less. Following are two links to posts I wrote a few years ago about Daniel's statue that depicts human civilization and its destruction in our time by a prophetic word and the establishment of God's Kingdom. Do not wonder why the last great battle of mankind is about what you believe, and that the great enemy to humankind manifests as a false theological kingdom. Because Satan anticipates the Kingdom of God far more than we do, and so he is trying to establish his counterfeit first, but it will not succeed, it will be ground to powder by the mountain that is cut out of the mountain without hands.

Daniel's Statue I

Daniel's Statue II

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