THE 300

THE 300

Sunday, February 17, 2013

To All That Despair

Of all the things that disgusts me about Islam “The Religion of Peace,” is that they make sure their frontline, or shock troops are their women.  The women must dress in a manner where you know they are disciples of Allah, but the men dress so that they are unrecognized.  As Islam accumulates more reproach and disgust by civilized people throughout the world, (by civilized I mean normal people, not liberals and leftists), it is the women that bear the brunt of that disgust in the marketplace. 

This is certainly a cowardly way to wage their cultural war, but then we knew that all along, with suicide bombing invented by Muslims, with targeting of innocents, via suicide vests put on the mentally handicapped or indoctrinated youths.  Never do you see the leaders or Imams strapping on suicide vests, just women and defenseless children.

And isn’t it a wonder how the Hallelujah choir for Obama (The Media) chortled about the “Arab Spring,” but now that we have seen the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, with Christian Coptic churches burned and the Fiasco of Libya and the raging civil war in Syria we hear nothing from the Palace Guard of our media, O, wait, Marco Rubio took a drink of water!

Do you begin to wonder when the accumulated and ignored truth of our present time will exert so much pressure against the fortress dam erected by our media that some event will finally be the last rainstorm and that dam will burst all at once, leaving behind a devastated and uprooted people who had secured themselves to the ground of shallow and delusional hope, smugly hoping against hope that reality can be held back if you hum and whistle loud enough.

The edifice of lies that has been built in the last forty years here in America is tottering it will only take a single event now to bring it all down.  Many of us think the country is being systematically destroyed, the economy ruined, the currency ruined, morality non-existent, lies and theft rewarded, hard work punished, the list grows longer day by day.  However I think it is all a setup, the inducement of a fever to bring the sickness to an end.  We could not do this with our politics or ideology.  Reagan was not enough.  Unless you believe we will slip into a thousand years of darkness you must have faith (notice NOT hope!) but faith to believe that God has a purpose and that He directs history (His-Story)
This is to all that are despairing in these times, have faith that God is behind all that is happening for our good.  Even this last election was turned by a natural event (Hurricane Sandy), for the setup, the “Sting,” is coming from God.  Fools are celebrating, Obama thinks He won, but he has only won the starring role of Pharaoh, someone God is going to display his miraculous judgment upon, to deliver his people.  It does not have to be that way, Obama could actually get a human heart transplant and open his eyes to the enormous suffering he has authored, the millions without work, without hope.  Those that are 55 and over cannot find jobs, but our media is uninterested in their story.
Those that are under 30 cannot find jobs either, and never mind young black men, just confine them to inner cities and let them kill each other off,  an extended Planned Parenthood genocide after they managed to escape the womb and the abortionist’s vacuum.  Imagine if Obama repented and turned from his hatred of America?  Liberals would be devastated; it would be like meteors landed on their universities.  But if repentance does not come, judgment will be certain, for this was allowed for testing of God’s people but beyond a certain limit this will not continue, just as Job could only be tested by Satan until God got what he wanted, which was a good man that became a prophet from his trials and pain.
Even the Greeks knew that false hope was the worst plague upon humanity, and it never escaped from Pandora ’s Box, because that was reserved for our day, the last plague upon a sinful humanity is false hope.  Because false hope is the outer packaging, the gift wrap of all lies.  When false hope is judged, then humanity will be released from believing in lies, which is the beginning of a relationship with God, who is the “Spirit of Truth.”

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