THE 300

THE 300

Saturday, August 8, 2015


The "experts" cannot figure out the appeal of Donald Trump, much like an 8th century warrior would not figure out a hand grenade.  Trump is a creature of the utter contempt, neglect, and arrogance of the elitist's class in Washington D.C.   It is the McCain's of the GOP who blithely declare about 40 % of the Republican voters as "Whaco-birds."   It is the decade's long disdain of the media and Hollywood toward conservatives, libertarians, and anyone not a Social Justice Warrior or new-age cultist worshipping an insensate goddess Gaia.

The elites have lived in a sheltered and artificial environment for so long, they have no concept of natural events, of storms on the horizons that will sweep them all away in an unanticipated deluge of final rejection of their amoral, self-invented religions of political correctness and cowardice.

For political correctness used to be called cowardice, or the inability to speak the truth to one another and eventually the inability to even know the truth, about anything.
How far have we fallen?  We have one political party that cannot decide if a baby in the womb has any right to live, to rip it apart and sell the parts, the Nazi's blush at your barbarity!  

That same party puts up a worthless whore of a woman, mired in scandal and treason, leaving an ambassador to his certain death and brave men who went to his rescue to their death.  All the while defending this ruthless hillbilly with ferocious rage, declaring all criticisms as a war-on-women, the same people that have murdered 33 million girl babies before they had a chance to escape the abortionist's vacuum.

At the same time they forced upon the nation a worthless weakling of a man, using as an excuse, his divine right to rule because his skin was not white, after all it was the time, right?  Forcing programs upon a democracy that an overwhelming majority did not want, and still do not want.  We now have less than 3.0% economic growth, and that is meekly accepted by a now entitlement-addicted population reaching over 50%.  No matter how they chortle about new jobs, almost all jobs added since 2007 have been taken by the foreign born, and many of the higher paying jobs have been outsourced to India and points East.  

In fact we have the lowest labor participation rate since 1977, so all they say about the jobs and the economy are lies, remember that when you hear some breathless news person talk about how we added so many jobs last quarter.

In my industry I see whole companies where the largest percentage of the skilled professionals are from India, they then take those software jobs back home.  More dishwasher jobs for the American born.  And nearly every large company hires up to 33% contract workers so they no longer have wages as good as they had even a decade ago, nor the same benefits, most get no vacations or sick leave, developing in 15 years a two-class worker system in most large corporations. Neither party does a damn thing to protect the America worker, nothing, not a thing.  In fact they encourage it echoing the lies of CEO's that they simply need more H1B1 visa workers.  And the political whores in congress rush to disrobe and slip into their beds.

And they wonder why Trump is killing it out there?  Not because most of us like Trump, we recognize he is a carnival barker, a shill, a marketer.  You have no clue how much we hate your elitist-guts!  You have destroyed the greatest country of all time, the greatest economic system of all time, and the best and most moral people of all time.   Trump is our hand grenade, our bulldozer, raze it all, maybe we still have a chance to rebuild, maybe not, but the hell this goes on any longer.  

You progressives wanted to just burn down one room of the house, but sow the wind, now reap the whirlwind.  Your goddamn house is on fire and you don't even recognize what is happening. 

Either we turn this around or in ten years or you will not have to worry about transgender bathrooms and all the worthless crap that you focus on, you will just wonder how to rescue yourselves from the Islamist police that will whip your women and homosexuals in the streets, muttering all the while under your breath about those that cling to their guns and Bibles, and who will rescue you now? 

Those phantom enemies will be gone, removed by the mercy of God to not be on the Hell on earth you have created.  Enjoy sticking your asses in the air and worshiping the top of the heap false god of all time, he will sweep away your petty gods of Gaia, and political correctness, and the Living God will be nowhere to be found, as you ate His people with a side of Fave beans and a glass of Chianti.

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