THE 300

THE 300

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Not liking Obama’s politics, and not understanding how any actual Christian could sit in a Church for twenty years while the pastor damned America, and preached racist theology, I could not vote for him. However, as an American I want Obama’s Presidency to succeed for the sake of all Americans, unlike those on the Left that have willingly concocted lies, invented absurd conspiracy theories, and disrespected the office of the Presidency daily and made hating George W. Bush a liberal sport, most conservatives will still treat the office with respect.

With that said, as many conservatives I was apprehensive about such an orgy of celebration surrounding the recent inauguration which reached a level beyond irony, beyond parody. The spectacle of all the cultural elites flocking to Washington D.C. to insert themselves into what they think is momentous history, like a generation of Forrest Gumps, their own self-importance would be laughable if not for the fact these people have seized all the reins of power.

I could live with this spectacle of frenzied cheering as if Jesus Himself had appeared at His second coming, if something else had not been nagging me, knocking on a door of my subconscious. I realized that the hypnotic swooning, the impossible expectations, the empty rhetoric of hopeandchange are revealing a long brewing psychosis which is now erupting in full pyroclastic flow from the liberal segment of America.

As if the United States is being delivered from some alien tyrannical rule, prisoners let out of political prisons; Hollywood can stop living in fear and now make anti-American anti-Bush movies. Blacks can stop skulking about and quit the Stepin Fetchit routines and bowing to their oppressive white masters. It is a day of sunshine and rainbows and flowers in her hair. All war shall cease, peace shall reign, and mortgages shall be paid.

Finally the oppressed liberal minority will have their day in the sun, no more mean conservatives suppressing their gaiety just as the party gets started. No more persecution of gangsta-rappers, or branding scarlet letters upon single mothers who have out of wedlock birth after birth after birth. No more abortions performed in dark alleys with coat hangers. No more college professors giving bad grades to students that express a liberal or secular progressive view. No more disagreements with other nations of the world, no more sick or injured illegal aliens dying because hospitals hold them out at gunpoint. No more governmental corruption…that is totally over. No more questionable ethics in the administration. Hopeandchange soap is on sell at the commissary and all will scrub vigorously before joining the Obama team

But wait, none of these things are true! Liberals made all the movies they wanted defaming Bush, and any American effort at stopping terrorists. It is conservatives that are blacklisted in Hollywood. Blacks do not bow to white masters anymore, unless you include the white Democratic leadership that has kept many of them on their inner-city plantations that they have ruled for 60 years. And women can abort as often as they want, they do not even have to tell their parents if they are under aged.

Hospitals treat the “undocumented” that come to the door, usually for free, it is the rest of us that pay or go without if not insured. And Germany and France that hated us? They elected leaders that are now more conservative than whom we elected. And no one’s civil rights have been infringed since 911 except at all of our airports for all of us that do not actually look like terrorists, as an actual lunatic oppression is demanded by liberals so they may continue to support their fantasy of equal treatment and blind injustice since we do not want to actually come out and say that almost all terrorists in the world are Muslim, and many of those are Arab. Instead we must all submit to an absurd Kabuki theater, to maintain the illusion of cultural equality, least the delicate sensibilities of our precious liberals is offended.

Now we see it was always about the lust for power and this burlesque display of misplaced hope, this crazed sense of relief, of deliverance from the most horrible oppressions imaginable; it is the relief of those that have secured the last quanta of power withheld from them. Witness Obama identifying with Lincoln in his inauguration, and indeed he wants to paint his Presidency with Lincolnese colors as if a great injustice is being undone, as if liberal slaves are being freed, and he is the hero doing the freeing.

Yet the reality is nobody is being freed, they were not imprisoned, they were not persecuted, they owned all the reins of power in this society except the Presidency. It is the relief of Fascists that have finally obtained all the power, all the tools to suppress the opposition. All the mechanism to do exactly to conservatives what they have only imagined was being done to them. The difference is the Left will be building the Soylent Green factories and the feedstock will be people…first conservative people, then others not so conservative must be sacrificed to maintain the great liberal paranoid fantasy.

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