THE 300

THE 300

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Projecting Fantasy Onto Your Simulacrum

We are told that it is a great proof of the maturing of America because we voted (well not infant me) for Obama who is black (actually half black and raised by the white half of his family, the black half could not be bothered). O what a celebration has ensued…”hey did you notice Obama is black?” Are we not cool and gracious because we voted for that little chuckle-head? Gosh we are so cool, so over our bigotry, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Our self congratulatory approval of ourselves is evidence that we are the enlightened ones that have finally arrived, I hope everyone notices. It is almost as if America gave itself an academy award seeking to follow Hollywood's example by multiplying worthless awards to compensate for dishonorable lives. Truth be told that we will only be delivered from our racism and bigotry, whether hidden behind fawning boot licking and thrills running up our legs, or hidden under a white sheet and hood, when a black man, or Latino, or woman, or Asian is elected President and nobody notices, or it is just incidental to the observation of their character that brought them to the attention of the populace, and allowed them to compete for our votes.

Instead with this election liberalism has set back equality between blacks and whites by at least fifty years, but of course that would be the outcome when racists, and they are (liberals) pre-eminently racist, because they are so race conscious, so willing to walk and talk around all dysfunction in huge swaths of black America, because that is what you do when you don’t consider someone an equal. You allow them to live a lie, in fact you smile benevolently for the poor darkies as they murder each other wholesale in the ghettos your policies have created and fenced.

Let them sing and dance as minstrels for your young, let your young emulate the faux machismo of the ghetto gangstas…so cool, so hip, so understanding and condescendingly mimetic in their cowardice of compliance, in their inauthentic displays of sympathy as if to say “I understand your plight so deeply, so movingly, that I become you, more black than even you, get it dog, hommie, what up?” And at the same time I trash all the values of Western Civilization which was created by white people. You see I am self-punishing, and I get back at my gutless, stupid, elitist liberal dad this way, two birds with one stone.

And now we voted for a black man to celebrate his blackness and our heroic rejection of the bigotry of past generations, except in the words of Joe Biden the fustian VP pick of our second black President, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking.” Of course because a white liberal said this, it is not bigotry or stereotyping, nah, it’s just a remark that Obama does not act or sound like those other Negroes somewhere else, perhaps the ones conservatives still have picking cotton and singing spirituals in the fields.

So after less than two weeks we see this nice clean looking Negro is spending impossibly enormous sums of money for well, essentially bling for any and all Dem constituents, Acorn thugs, international abortionists, and giving the first, and most historical interview to an Arab news organization. Yep, time to start using that middle name no liberal news organization would allow the rest of us to use before the election, that one that does not sound like America. Hussein, the Muslim name, time to dust off those Muslim roots, after all it is almost 8 years since radicalIslam declared war on America, time to forget about that, it is America, Obama tells us, that is “dictatorial,” pushing all the other poor pathetic puny countries around, no more of that. It is now time to throw the white people under the bus, sort of like he did with Grandma before she died.

And time for the Jews to straighten up and give up more land for no peace, time to not drill for oil, or do anything serious to become energy independent. We need to build at least on new nuke plant, just to run the printing presses for the billions of dollars to keep the hopeandchange factory functioning. This is an era of complete fiscal craziness, at least the Dems own this one 100%. Perhaps if there is a God, even some liberals will wake up with a realization they elected the guy that is sending those scam letters from Nigeria telling you they have ten million dollars from your 3rd cousin that died in a traffic accident, if you will just send us your bank routing number and account number we will deposit this sum forthwith. Sure appoint a guy that cheated on taxes to be in charge of the IRS...laughable lunacy, did anyone in the media notice? And then this guy starts employing his buddies from Goldman Sachs...first thing. The people that robbed a nation, now run that nation.

Well America what did you expect when you elected a man that sat in a Church and befriended the Pastor that hates and damns America and preaches racist theology? Did you think twenty years was a fluke? That it was just a lark, a place to wait until the voters pulled him from the Schwab’s drugstore of Chicago politics and crowned him King? You elect a man that agrees with the damning of America, and you essentially put in place a man that will damn America. Fortunately God is stronger and America will survive, but not until after much sorrow and eventually a national repentance.

And then maybe we can elect (people) who are qualified by reason of character, experience, and love of country, and if that for some strange reason means more white guys for a hundred or a thousand years, what the hell does that matter to you O fool? Good governance is not an issue of social experimentation to make infants feel good, to expunge false guilt in those that luxuriate in self-hatred, like a spoiled rich girl in a milk bath, it is a matter for us all to live decent and prosperous lives and only fools, or bigots insist each gender, race, or religious adherent must have a rotation at the wheel.

The hell with that, I want the one most qualified and trained piloting the ship of state, not ginger-bread men baked up by an ill-educated and arrogant liberal population acting out their hatred of father figures and projecting their schoolgirl crushes upon a simulacrum from their fevered fantasies.

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