THE 300

THE 300

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Hysterical Attempt to Build Utopia

As the fool settles into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave it becomes apparent that either America will slip into socialist darkness, damning the world to thousands of years of darkness, or God has a plan coming to completion. There are three basic things that can or will happen. America goes simpering into submission and darkness, gushing at the feet of her betrothed, much like the 19 year old McDonald’s careerist Julio Osegueda in the now famous Cape Coral, Florida town hall meeting where the wannabe male version of Oprah, and faux President, Obama gladly received the slobbering, emotional worship from an unstable and nearly demented acolyte.

What a grievous display of sycophantic panting, glossed over by a whorish media, or even admired as the duty of now suddenly helpless and pathetic Americans who cannot even find another job in four years of looking, do you believe this story? What is your major? “Communications” is the response. Heck exactly what we need, another clueless brainless liberal joining the media, about like we need another Harvard trained lawyer as a politician. Do Americans want to become engineers, architects, scientists, or mathematicians? Or do most of them want jobs where they screw with people’s minds, (educators) information (media), or finances (bankers)?

A large segment of the population wants to have jobs that do not produce anything of value, but they just want to have power and influence upon others, to help them design the next Utopian hell filled with good motives and love of all cultures and religions...O, except for the only culture “American,” and religions “Christian and Judaism” that have been the force to end human slavery, the force behind modern medicine, the force behind equal rights for all races and genders, the force behind modern science, the force behind charities, the force behind modern education, the force behind the advancement of civil societies. On the one hand Judaism was that singular force for thousands of years, the only single light in the darkness of human history, and for several hundreds of years joined by its younger sister Christianity.

Tear it all down now in an orgy of worship of the beast of human government. Strange that the single most murderous force in human history (human governments) is what humanity turns to worship in its last days of its own history, henceforth history will not be dictated by man, but by God, this is the final rebellion, the final brick on our tower of Babel, just before God again strikes the arrogant with confusion and division, and the tower they sought to build in their pride will never be completed, will once again fall to ruin, and this time will never again be rebuilt.

The second course could be violent revolution, if it comes, it would probably have to come from America as Europe appears to already be cowed and taking a long drink of water to wet the tongues they will use to lick the boots of their Muslim masters. Just this week Geert Wilders the seemingly only courageous Politician from the Netherlands (or Europe for that matter) was denied entry to the UK as his presence might offend the adherents of the “religion of Peace,” who have threatened violence and protests against Geert, because he made a film (Fitna) about them, showing their hate twisted faces in protests, their violent speeches and acts with verses from their demonic book the Koran superimposed upon the images of Muslims acting out the deeds of their god Allah. Surely it is 1938 again in Europe, with fascism once again rearing its ugly head, and Europe once again burying its own collective head, thinking if they shout “Islam is a Religion of Peace,” loudly and often enough, why it might just be as good as clicking emerald slippers together and wishing for hope and change. Shame to all our Politicians that have every uttered that phrase, “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” This makes you both a fool and a liar, as well as catastrophically, lustfully and willfully ignorant of history.

But the third outcome is what I believe is taking place, and more than just a hope, it is my prophecy, and a REAL hope for the entire world. I cannot bring myself to the idiot, degenerate and insane hope of the deceived liberals, but neither can I bring myself to the despair of the conservatives. Something else is taking place, and it was planned before men ever came upon this earth, as certain as Christ’s death burial and resurrection was imprinted upon this universe before the appearance of light and matter, this outcome was determined.

Would you suppose that God would have carefully directed history through thousands of years from Abraham…seeking, seeking down to Jacob, renamed as Israel, then to his son Judah then down to Jesse, the father of David of the tribe of Judah, thence down all the centuries to a little 14 year old girl, visited by an angel, impregnated by the Holy Spirit, the miracle of God dwelling in His creation; all to be surprised by this current outcome, to let it all end in atomic clouds? Or maybe worse in the darkness of a thousand years of Islamic rule over all the earth?

The birth of the Church, the Church dies and lies in the grave over a thousand years, up from the Grave, just like her lover, her founder, her creator. Then a slow rebirth over centuries but Western Civilization born with her, through her, directed by God who over a thousand years before her rebirth determined Paul would go to Europe, not Asia, God selecting the manger, once again. Then the woman carried into the wilderness on the wings of the eagle to be nourished for 250 years, protected from the jaws of the dragon (Rev 12).

Indeed Christianity flourished in the new land, that land founded, and built by that Christianity, both the land and Christianity wed by blood into one, the pinnacle of Western Civilization coinciding with the modern pinnacle of Christianity. For the last one hundred years ninety percent of the missionary effort to the world has come from America. A nation where pagan, and barbarian, and witch, and Buddhist, and Muslim, and atheist and all tribes, and tongues and nations seek to come, most for their own reasons, but unknowingly drawn here because God created the drawing, for what? So it all could be destroyed by slavery? No, that was overcome. By fascism? No that was overcome. By communism? No that was overcome. And God suddenly caught by surprise, unaware of the crazed liberal worship of the beast of government, by the Satanic ambition of the antichrist religion of Islam? No that will also be overcome, even destroyed, as shown in Revelation the Dragon (Satan) the beast (Governments of man) and the false prophet (Islam) all meet their doom in the same moment of time.

If you have prophetic eyes you can see this, like Elisha, but if you do not have prophetic eyes, ask of God and like Elisha’s apprentice, your eyes will be open and you will see that already the forces of God have surrounded the enemy, and like that day, the enemies of God will lose their sight, they will lose the facility to see their way, and they will be humbled to be led, to accept the counsel of the forces and men and women of God. Here is a sign for all that read this, when you see the churches in America calling to each other, and calling upon Americans to seek God and to pray for our deliverance, for wisdom, and the cry for repentance is heard once again, in that day America will be delivered and even blind fools will be forced to admit, the deliverance was from God and from God alone. Take courage, this will happen very shortly.

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