THE 300

THE 300

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Tattoos

Even Obama’s ideological opponents feel obligated to first mention that Obama gives great speech. Really? I find his style reminds me of those commercials where one spouse is talking and the other has been coached to look adoringly, even fanatically at their spouse’s talking head. Eyes never waver, hardly blink, as if they are going to say something so utterly wonderful, so incredible they dare not turn away and miss any precious pearl dropping from the lips of someone they probably have long ago learned to tune out.

Who taught the Obama idolaters to act thus?

It is like one of those phony corporate canned videos where they keep changing camera angles, or have the speaker walk along a proscribed route, to indicate action and interest. I was bored with Obama the minute the MSM fell in love with him, since that is a sure indication he is utterly worthless, bereft of ideas, and devoted to the soft multicultural center of blurred lines and disguised hatred of all things white or traditional American.

Stop pretending America that this political creature is anything but a humidor for ruthless anti-American ambitions. If I decided to destroy what we have thought of as America, I could not come up with any better plan than to smuggle a politically correct acceptable skin color into the White House, with no examination, even a refusal by the media and their silent partners in the electorate that do not want to know the truth.

They do not want to examine character, beliefs, past actions, past associations. As if Obama was an unwritten blackboard, all ideas sprung anew on January 20th 2009. What a lust to be deceived to be lied to, for Mummy and Dada to tell you all is OK, as the floods sweep your home down a river of debt. O the rage of those that voted for Obama when it becomes apparent he is not what they were projecting, their childish emotions are not God, and do not have the ability to create reality.

By carefully brainwashing two or three generations in public schools that America is just another flavor of nationalistic ice cream, not better, just different, and in many respects a poisonous flavor. So once you have a population of emoting idiot fools, where you have outlawed masculinity with dufus sitcom dads, and assure us that all sitcom women and children are geniuses, here to only teach men their testicles have poisoned their poor pathetic minds, please get rid of those testicles, be a woman, emote, love everybody, even those that slap your face daily.

When your universities are devoted to politically correct science, and you churn out lawyers instead of engineers, you mistake the relative geometry of space as transferable to human morality; you can now bring in someone that represents what people think is a new day of liberty and expression. Yeah, but funny they want to immediately shut down AM Radio, the only media market not owned by the reprobates.

And even though it is thoroughly documented that Government created the mortgage meltdown and the sub prime market by insisting lending institutions ignore the ability of their customers to pay back loans; just put those that did this into prominent positions and lie, and lie, and lie that it was all done by greedy bankers. Sure some are greedy, but you blame the whore when you supplied the tricks?

But God is setting up the courtroom for the judgments of these people and their philosophy that is responsible for millions of deaths the world over. Watch as Israel goes thought the same financial mess, but they are going to cut taxes and spending, what will these economic savages say when America keeps suffering and Israel proves when in debt you cut spending, you cut taxes? And in many other ways we will see a violent discrediting of this secular humanistic philosophy. Revelation depicts it best, that the worship of the BEAST of Government so destroys the human spirit that those that receive the mark of the beast cannot change, cannot repent, they can only become receptacles for the wrath of God.

This idolizing of Obama is watched by angels on high, and their tattoo guns are primed. Do you think those in Western Culture started the tattoo fetish on their own? It is simply the bleed-over from the world of spirit where the angels are marking men, even now. Have you ever wondered why those that get all those tattoos manifest a trashy pagan aura? Because they are showing what is in their spirits, they must bring it out physically. So too those that think there is no sin in devotion to a political philosophy are about to find out that is the exact thing that was in the spirit of Judas, he was devoted to answers coming from a political world and was enraged that Christ was not moving in the political arena.

God finally does move in the political arena, and when He does it is in judgment, His kingdom is coming now, everything that boasts it is the answer will be discredited now like in no other time in human history. My hope and belief is that the guts of America, the real America is getting ready for fasting and prayer and crying out to God like in no other time in our history. The answers will ONLY come from Him, all rivals will be revealed as false shepherds, actually hating the sheep, shearing them till they bleed.

Now the day comes that was promised that: Every man will sit under his own fig tree. What does that mean? That you will plant and you will eat of your own labor, not someone else, not a system, not freeloaders and bums, no matter how much government ass they kiss. Watch as God shows us His power.

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