THE 300

THE 300

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Run, You Cur...RUN!

The movie Tombstone has the best scene in the best western movie in the last twenty years:

Wyat Earp: All right, Clanton... you called down the thunder, well now you've got it! You see that? [pulls open his coat, revealing a badge]

Wyatt Earp: It says United States Marshal!

Ike Clanton: [terrified, pleading] Wyatt, please, I...

Wyatt Earp: [referring to Stilwell, laying dead] Take a good look at him, Ike... 'cause that's how you're gonna end up!
[rakes Ike across his cheek with his spur]

Wyatt Earp: The Cowboys are finished, you understand? I see a red sash, I kill the man wearin' it! [lets Ike up to run for his life]

Wyatt Earp: So run, you cur... RUN! Tell all the other curs the law's comin'!

Wyatt Earp: You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?...
[louder] Hell's coming with me!

This Obama monstrosity of an administration is storing up a wrath for itself, literally calling down the thunder. There is no care or concern for the havoc they are wreaking upon millions of Americans and by the power of the American economy this extends to the entire world.

Instead they display an unfathomable arrogance and naked ambition to use everything to destroy the American system and replace it with the dull, stilted, and sterile statist economies that only succeed in driving their millions to America’s shores. Along with their cheap whores of the media they continue to try and sell the failed systems of nationalization; imagine having banks and manufacturing companies run just like the Post Office.

And certainly taking over the health industry will kill any advances and research that have made the American medical system the best in the world. The best doctors, the latest advancements, advances in medical equipment, takes money, it takes capitalism. When rich people and rulers get sick do they rush to Canada or the UK or to Cuba and pull a ticket and wait in line? No they come to the U.S. Even Canadians slip across the border, rather than wait in line for rationed medical care.

Millions are without health insurance, we are told. Sorry but since I was 14 or so I realized that in America you had to calculate that a decent job covered for health care, was I the only one that realized this fact? So you ignore that is how our system works, and think selling drugs, or stupid bullshit jobs will cover you? No…you have to go to school, you have to plan, sorry the government was not supposed to be your mommy. You are supposed to work your ass off here, not watch others doing so, thinking them fools, and then electing a government to steal from others you immoral pig.

Now suddenly anyone that planned has to pay for your lack of planning? Has to pay for all that time you were smoking dope, getting laid, and taking ski instructor or beach bum jobs?

Great time you had, but suddenly you need health insurance but do not have the skills to secure a job that comes with that coverage. So elect a thief to steal from the responsible, anoint him king and sit back and let him “spread the wealth.” Not only are you thieves, but you are too much of a coward to pick up a gun and rob me man to man, but sow the wind, you are going to reap the whirlwind. (Another line from another western).

And these Stalinist's with Obama, they keep repeating this is not a disaster, but an opportunity to change things at some core level. Or as Obama’s Junk Yard Dog, Rahm Emanuel said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Yeah, the hell with the people, “can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs,” eh? They are so poisoned by their arrogance and heartless vision that they do not realize most people shrink in horror when they here such thinking, they do not, as I am sure Rahm expects, fall at their feet thinking what wonderfully efficient beings Obama has surrounded himself with.

No wonder you all love the NYT, since its star reporter of all time, the evil and sick Walter Duranty who loved Stalin had the following to say:

"There is no famine or actual starvation nor is there likely to be."
--New York Times, Nov. 15, 1931, page 1

"Any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda."
--New York Times, August 23, 1933

"Enemies and foreign critics can say what they please. Weaklings and despondents at home may groan under the burden, but the youth and strength of the Russian people is essentially at one with the Kremlin's program, believes it worthwhile and supports it, however hard be the sledding."
--New York Times, December 9, 1932, page 6

"You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."
--New York Times, May 14, 1933, page 18

"There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition."
--New York Times, March 31, 1933, page 13

The hideous bromide that: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs,” was first attributed to that lovely leader of the brutal and horrific French Revolution Maximilien Robespierre, and the acolytes of the Left have just loved that saying, tis now one of their satanic scriptures.

And so the Left finds the American Constitution a “Living Document,” and so in a pale imitation of the French who have had 11 Constitutions since their 1793 "revolution," our Left cannot rid itself so easily of the American constitution, instead they elect judges that extract penumbras and unseen rights, why they even find European Law somehow smuggled into that document.

The relationship between the media and the Left has long been established. It is Satan’s mimicry of the relationship between Moses and Aaron. The media plays Aaron to Obama’s Moses. Their goal has always been the same; to deceive the maximum amount of people in order to rule them, to use them to advance an agenda, a Utopian dream that is impossible without a change in human nature. This is all that is left to the anti Christ’s, they refuse the personal work of changing their fallen nature, since that requires brutal self examination and ultimately a crying out to a power outside of themselves. Because a thorough self examination does not heal us, it only serves to awaken us to our damned and fallen state and once awakened there is only one recourse, to fall at the feet of a living God and believe in His mercy and Grace, which He personally told and impregnated into the very center of human history that He has made available to us all.

But if a human being will not do this very hard spiritual work, then they must invent a substitute, and that substitute must be falsely big, must be convincing, and must be strong to hold in place the facade of deceit. It cannot be personal, they have rejected the personal, they have rejected internal change, internal honesty, internal cleansing. So it must be simulate a god, it must be powerful. Thus always the drive from the Left for Utopia, for government to be god, to act as god, to be the one thing human beings will worship and look to for hope and change.

O, how Obama articulated so well the cry of the heart of the secularists, of those that will soon now graduate from mere liberalism, from mere secularism, to fully metamorphosed anti Christ’s. And who better to lead them than a man that has already made that transition, just now drying his leathery wings in the adulation of his future co-residents in Hell.

Even a causal reading of history shows us whenever a Utopian state is established it is always worse than the system it displaces. The rulers of the new Utopian system are utterly ruthless, utterly without compassion, driven only by a false dream; people mean nothing, the dream is everything. Thus you can have various members of the Obama administration already voicing the fact that a crisis exists just for their benefit, as if there is a god that produces catastrophe and crisis just so these Titans, these petty gods of Olympus can toy with us mere mortals and arrange the game board to their satisfaction and even amusement.

Note they have even now said it is FUN to engage in verbal warfare with Rush Limbaugh. Huh?! Our house is on fire and instead of a plan for evacuation or calling the fire department you find sport in trying to crush one of the only national voices left in opposition to your jack-booted thinker’s paradise? What evil children you turn out to be, nothing but tawdry bullies in the play yard taunting and making sport of those that do not agree with you. You do not realize that your very actions will harden resistance to all your plans, it will also awaken those that went along with the ride, never suspecting that a man that sat in a church for twenty years that regularly cursed America, would actually be a curse to America.

But God takes our words seriously, even if we do not. Words are money in the spirit realm; here we think they are less than excrement, but we are told even casual speech will be accounted for by God in the hereafter. But even before then our words are going to be held up to us, even now this is happening. This is either the destruction of America, or the maturing of America. No more fun and games, this great system of liberty was given to us to extend to the rest of the world, not for us to submit to the growing darkness, to roll over so easily to the children of darkness that we have now elected as our leaders.

I say this with all my might: Let the curse that Obama thinks to bring upon this nation founded by God, return upon him and all that follow him. Let the disasters he plans for America and Israel, come upon him and his political followers and the evil that is the Democratic Party in this country.

Let us arise in our spirits and say also, “you tell them Americans are coming, run you curs, for we are coming and Hell is coming with us, and you will be the ones that reap the whirlwind. The time for debate is over, the enemy is not to be negotiated with, they are to be spiritually crushed and defeated. Rush, I am with you...Obama will FAIL, and he will fail in such a spectacular manner that this disease of mind and spirit will never again be a force in America.

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