THE 300

THE 300

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man Caused Piss Offedness

A hushed silence fell over the crowd, as Obama the locus of all our hope, mellifluously spewed his vision for our future. Then the reporters O so respectfully asked their ass-kissing questions, all serious, all thanking the President for deigning to pick them. One or two semi-tough questions, but all of them missing the point, all of them designed to not enrage the Emperor, lest you never be allowed to ask the King another question. (So much for a free press) It all had the feeling of a somber and dreary Church, far from God, joyless in its religiosity, frozen in the sure knowledge that everyone knows their surprises here, no real human emotion. Just the yeoman routine of destroying a once great country...ho hum.

I would rather see some drunken reporter stand up and say, “what the hell are you talking about? You spend most of your time reminding us that Bush started this and so was a poop-head, then you go on and double-up, even triple-up the crazy drunken spending and bail-outs, you think we are all fools or something?” What utter un-American bullshit this has become, is there no one with the balls to ask this stupid man what the hell is he thinking by spending trillions of dollars, and that in his first year?

What madness, what wimps we have now, not one to risk the wrath of these humorless Leftists by asking them where the hell are all these trillions of dollars coming from? China and Russia making noises of perhaps a Global currency, and Obama dismisses it out of hand? And then to act like he is being super responsible and doing something incredible because first he is going to run several trillion dollar deficits for a few years, but then he crows, “he will reduce it by half in four years.” ARE YOU CRAZY! All of you are you crazy?

So he is reducing the deficit if he runs a multi-trillion dollar deficit for years, but then reduces it to O, maybe a trillion in 2012...thanks. Here is the huge Mastodon in the room, it is not just the deficit it is the entire national debt, which the deficits...reduced or huge running amok oinking pigs like the one the great O is giving us this year all add to the national debt, minute by minute, year by year, and the rate this is accelerating (after remaining essentially flat from 1940 to about the end of the 70’s) is now an exponential curve.

Corrected for inflation and using year 2000 dollars the national debt was about 1.75 trillion from 1946 to about 1976, it goes up to a little over 2 trillion in 1978 then falls down to about 2 trillion until 1983, then it suddenly goes to 2.2 trillion, by 1985 it is 3 trillion, maybe some excuse as Reagan was re-building the American military and outspending the Soviets and ending the cold war, but still this started something that has never stopped. By 1990 we are at 4.2 trillion; by 1995 we are at 5.7 trillion. Amazingly the curve flattens for a few years (remember a Republican congress dragged Clinton kicking and screaming to a balanced budget and welfare reform).

By 2002 the debt was at about 5.6 trillion. But then it starts the exponential curve again. Remember George W. Bush must have stuck his veto pen up his ass as Republicans became as good at eating pork as Democrats and lost the congress and the White House, probably for this reason alone. Now in March 2009 the national debt is slightly over 11 trillion. It has doubled in just over five years! It is a debt (borrowed money) so interest is paid, who owns the debt? Mostly the Federal Reserve, the Chinese and Japanese and the British and us, like the IOU’s our corrupt government has been writing for an imaginary Social Security account, money you will most likely never see, or which will be greatly reduced, means tested, and delayed payouts for older and older retirement ages if you are under 60 right now.

Here is a good breakdown by Ed Hall Debt Clock FAQ The payments on the interest of the national debt were 412 billion dollars in 2008 when the national debt was about 9.4 trillion.

It will only take a few years to add another 5 trillion to this debt, so we are looking at 600 to 700 billion per year JUST to service the debt. Not buy anything, not pay out Social Security or Defense, or Medicare. You cannot sustain exponential growth of anything, bacteria, humans, liberals, anything; there is not enough room for it, or enough food to feed it. Nature finds a way to stop exponential curves when it comes to life, to some species. A disease or predator arises. For nations it is destruction and collapse when they go crazy like we have, and make no mistake, this is a form of insanity, and why I am appalled that nobody in that press room has the balls to tell Nurse Obama Rached, that she is one crazy bitch!

And then this Saul Alinsky disciple wants to do cap and trade? Worms are burping too much, or cows are farting and putting out too much carbon dioxide. When 31,072 scientists refused to sign on to man made global warming, but 500 reprobate U.N. scientists have signed on to Al Gore’s bullshit, and so now we want to further damage our economy? Stupid! No energy policy, no drilling for our own oil, no natural gas, no nuclear plants, no coal plants. We will be paying 600 dollars a month for electricity generated by about a trillion humming windmills just whapping at the air everywhere you go...great. Dead birds littering the ground, great huge windmills wherever you look, or Solar Panels covering everything, except the deserts of California because another Dem genius senator Diane Feinstein thinks they will ruin the aesthetics of Death Valley. Where can we get free, non-polluting, no-transmission-wires-to-carry-it-electricity for the people still stuck in a 60’s acid trip?

And can Janet Napolitano, or Hilary Clinton institute Newspeak any faster? Napolitano now calls acts of terrorism, “Man caused disasters,” because we don’t want to scare people. Maybe crashing planes into buildings can be called lack of flight training. I swear people like this would be making up Newspeak while someone was sawing off their head with a rusty knife. It is all about processing real events into a fake, non-scary, politically manipulative viewpoint because they are essentially cowards. Everyone do something today to violate some politically correct code, just for the hell of it, just to make a liberal feel, “man-caused-piss-offedness!”

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