THE 300

THE 300

Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama...Kiss my Fannie!

Today 3-16-2009 Obama became dead to me forever. A headline on Drudge leads to this article from the American Legion:

Charge Soldiers for Medical Treatment

Essentially Obama and his Gestapo are looking for $540 million in revenue and think they can get this by charging the insurance companies of ex military for treatment of war wounds or service related disability. Here is this out of control socialist spending trillions of non-existent money for over 8,000 earmarks totaling billions, not to mention projects that many believe will not create jobs. Just ask the Govenator, presiding over the bankrupting of Kalifornia, how many jobs have left the golden state forever.

But the state budget has grown 34.9 %, from $76.3 billion in the 2003-04 fiscal year to $102.9 billion in 2007-08. But over that same period, population growth and inflation together grew by only 21.5 percent. If the budget had just grown to keep up with inflation and population growth it would be 10 billion less. These politicians are criminals. They have the audacity to be angry over the crooks at AIG getting bonuses? Yet they are destroying this country at a pace I could never have believed just a year ago.

That Obama has a fanatic tunnel vision is apparent in this chasing of a mouse for 540 million on the backs of our soldiers, yet not a word about his Democratic colleagues that made millions at Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Here is what they made while they presided over the system that created the housing bubble and the subsequent bust.

Franklin Raines' total compensation from 1998 through 2004 was $91.1 million, including some $52.6 million in bonuses, according to OFHEO. (My note: Raines was Clinton’s budget director from 96 to 98) Timothy Howard earned $30.8 million during the period, including $16.8 million in bonuses; Leanne G Spencer just received a paltry sum of $7.3 million, of which some $3.5 million was bonus money. All three were caught in an accounting scheme to pay themselves huge bonuses, and O, what punishment they had to give some money back. You or I would have gone to prison, but a Democrat insider gets a wink and a nod.

Here is a summary of the scandal: Fannie and Freddie both had multibillion-dollar accounting scandals that stunned Wall Street and brought record civil fines against them in settlements with the government.

The amounts that Raines, Howard and Spencer are paying under the settlement are far less than what the government was seeking when it sued them in December 2006. OFHEO sought fines of around $100 million against the three and restitution totaling more than $115 million in bonus money tied to an improper accounting scheme.
The regulators alleged an accounting fraud at Washington-based Fannie Mae that included manipulations to reach quarterly earnings targets so that Raines, Howard, Spencer and other company executives could pocket hundreds of millions in bonuses from 1998 to 2004.

So I ask, did you ever hear any outrage? Did our Johnny-on-the-spot media investigate? Did Dan Rather scold in lofty tones? Nah…, move along, nothing to see here. And did Bush raise any alarms? No, just a few Republican Congressmen or regulators that were shouted down as racists when they testified but now watch the same Dems that were all a part of this blame Bush or Rush, or the right wing media, or those “greedy capitalists at AIG.” And of course we need money; nobody will notice when we will squeeze some more blood out of those that were awarded purple hearts in service to this country.

There is something cruel and heartless in a leader of a country that would do this to our soldiers. I encourage all that read this to write your congressmen, and senators. Let your voices be heard, go out and join in these tea parties that are springing up. Our government has been hijacked and is thoroughly corrupt. Can we turn things around without destruction? That is my hope, that there is enough left of our electoral system to sweep these bastards out of office. I speak to the young that voted so overwhelmingly for this man that is destroying your future. Men like me will not be around to see the destruction that you will endure if you do not wake up and act now. Drop the drugs, drop the apathy, drop the being cool at all costs and fight for your future and the future of your children.

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